The aim of this conference is to provide a practical and engaging, highly valuable, motivational revision day for students to receive top level guidance and advice.


  • New conference for 2017 – covering core Physics topics appropriate for year 2 Physicists following all specifications from AQA, Edexcel and OCR
  • Enhance knowledge of some of the most challenging year 2 Physics topics and learn how to tackle common problem areas
  • Acquire first-hand insight and guidance from highly experienced subject experts and examiners on ways to reach the highest grades in year 2 Physics
  • Take away strategies to maximise examination performance and avoid common pitfalls through a dedicated ‘Exam in Focus’ session
  • Receive a set of course notes to support revision and boost performance


CONFERENCE DATE Available In-School only
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Course



10:00 - 10:10: Welcome and Introduction


10:10 - 10:55: FURTHER MECHANICS – Mastering circular motion and SHM

  • Correcting common misconceptions and errors about centripetal force
  • Develop key approaches to maximise your marks in questions involving oscillations (simple harmonic motion) and circular motion
  • Using models to make predictions about circular motion and SHM
  • How to successfully answer typical A2 exam question on circular motion and SHM – avoiding the most common mistakes

10:55 - 11:15: Break


11:15 - 12:30: FIELDS – Enhancing performance in questions on gravitational, electrical and magnetic fields

  • Understand and clarify the difference between field strength and potential
  • How electric and gravitational fields are very similar and why magnetic fields need to be treated differently
  • The deflection of electrons in electric and magnetic fields
  • Electromagnetic induction why Lenz’s law and Farady’s law are so important
  • Answering typical A-level exam question on Fields – avoiding the most common mistakes

12:30 - 13:30: Lunch


13:30 - 14:15: NUCLEAR & THERMAL PHYSICS – Maximising marks in fission, fusion and molecular kinetic theory

  • Succeeding in your answers to questions involving binding energy, nuclear fission, nuclear decay and E=mc²
  • Improving performance in molecular kinetic theory and pV=NkT                                                                                       
  • Achieve maximum marks in questions involving internal energy and temperature

14:15 - 14:45: Practical questions – How to apply your practical skills from the two years to exam questions

  • Reading printed scales
  • Plotting and interpreting ln and log graphs
  • Uncertainties – what they mean and how to treat them

14:45 - 15:40: EXAM IN FOCUS – How to get maximum marks in A2 Physics

  • Tips for approaching written questions – it always lets students down
  • Student marking activity – Be the examiner!
  • Ways to make revision more effective
  • Guidance on how to be smart when approaching exam questions
  • Multiple choice questions – tips and strategies for dealing with these questions under time pressure

15:40 - 15:50: FINAL TOP TIPS

  • Final top tips to enhance your knowledge and exam performance in A2 Physics

Howard Dodd

Howard Dodd has worked as an A-level Physics Principal Examiner (writing exam papers and supervising marking) for over twenty years being employed by OCR, AQA and Edexcel.
He has taught A-level physics in a number of secondary schools, maintained and independent, and has extensive experience of leading very successful physics and science departments. Before becoming an educational consultant he lectured in Science and Physics Education for fifteen years at the University of Exeter.  He is a qualified Ofsted inspector and continues to train and assess ITT trainees on the School Direct QTS training programmes. He has a national reputation for providing high quality and helpful in-service training courses for secondary and post-16 teachers.