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Welcome to Keynote Educational

Dedicated to empowering teachers and supporting students to maximising their potential, Keynote have been running high quality courses and conferences for both teachers and students for over 20 years, and continue to adapt and develop new kinds of products to meet your educational needs. Not only do we run venue based conferences and courses but we also have a wide range of webinars and online course. We can run bespoke in school courses for both teachers and students, these events can be tailored to your specific needs. Why not see what we can do for you?
All our courses are led by teams of course leaders; experts in their field and subject course specialists also being senior examiners. We specialise in combining pedagogy and subject knowledge within the context of the demands of the examinations. This allows all courses to develop wider skills, whilst also not losing sight of the outcome measures that are so important to our student’s future prospects. Course programmes are regularly updated and refreshed to meet the changing demands of the educational landscape.


Through courses, conferences and webinars we seek to be your companion and guide on your professional development journey, providing a range of courses at different levels to meet your needs and interests. Conferences allow you to network and gain a broader insight into your subject or professional interest, while courses provide more in depth specific training, alongside these the webinar programme will give you ‘top ups’ of key knowledge and skills thought the year.


By using a range of examiners, teachers and experts to deliver conferences, in school courses and webinars you can enhance student experience and capacity to attain their best results. Webinars and in school courses, can provide reference points for future teaching and revision, and teachers can also gain insights from these events. Revision conferences can give that extra boost to support the fine tuning of what success looks like in the exam. Develop your own course programme of our products to make your student experience first class.

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