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Exam Marking Services

Why Use Keynote’s Exam Marking Services?

We are experienced in providing exam marking services with highly experienced, top-level examiners in a wide range of subject areas, including EBacc subjects at both GCSE and A-Level, across all major exam boards.

The marking of mock exams can be a huge burden on teachers and can come at the expense of valuable planning and teaching time, which is a huge concern for many schools and colleges.

Our services can help relieve this pressure, providing fast, accurate, unbiased assessment and feedback for your students , teachers and school leaders.

Benefits of Using Keynote

  • Relieve the burden of marking for teachers, improve wellbeing and allow time for planning and teaching
  • Avoid unintentional, subconscious bias in teacher marking
  • Marking is bespoke to individual school requirements, with examiners fully aware of this
  • Provide valuable reassurance and guidance for students, having their work marked by experienced independent examiners
  • Receive summary diagnostic reports on a cohorts performance to identify focus areas


Services we Offer

  • Exam Paper Marking
  • Summary Diagnostic Reports
  • Across School Comparison Reports
  • Examiner Standardisation
  • Follow up CPD: Teacher Exam Marking Training
  • We can mark across entire schools/academies and MATs or individual classes and cohorts


The Marking Process

We will take exam papers from either a single class or a whole year and mark these to the marking guidelines/schemes that you send to us. This can either be using past papers from an examining body or an exam that you have designed. The exam results will be sent to you via a marking spreadsheet by email and the actual papers then following by post.  A separate summary report can also be delivered electronically that identifies key trends with specific questions or classes. Our turnaround time is to mark all papers within 14 working days from receipt of papers. This means your students and teaching staff are not left waiting for results and feedback and are able to focus their teaching and revision strategy.

Subjects We Cover
We have expert examiners across a wide range of subjects at both GCSE and A-Level, our subjects include…
Art & Design, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Classics, Dance, Drama, English Language, English Literature, Geography, History, Languages, Law, Maths, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Science, Sociology.
Exam Boards
  • AQA
  • Eduqas
  • OCR
  • Pearson


Availability & Booking Process
To enable us to ensure we can allocate potential projects to the correct markers and ensure we have sufficient capacity for you, it is helpful to indicate dates, courses and volumes of papers as early as possible.
Please contact us with your potential subjects and volumes so we can produce an accurate quote for you that you can then review and guarantee resources. We will send you a quote electronically that you are able to digitally approve and sign or print, scan and email back to us.
Please contact a member of our team on 01625 532974 or emails us

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