Bringing Our Expert Course Leaders and Examiners Into Your School


We can offer a range of courses and student revision sessions in-school, so your students and teachers can get the benefits of our course leaders expertise and knowledge directly without the hassle of travel and leaving school.




Multiple Course Bookings

We can offer discounts for purchasing a portfolio of courses, whether its multiple student revision sessions for several subjects or a mix of webinars and teacher courses for improving teaching and learning, speaking directly with our sales team will allow us to bring big discounts. Not only that but we can recommend and create courses or sessions to support all a schools needs.

Example savings:

Booking student revision sessions for GCSE Maths, English, Science and MFL and save over a £1000


“Walking-Talking Mock”

Book a full “walking-talking” Mock session, one of our experts will deliver the mock exam to your students, collects the papers, marks them and returns the results with a report. Ensuring a consistent assessment, realistic exam feedback fro students and frees up time of your staff to focus on delivering high quality teaching. Our expert is an experienced examiner to ensure all aspects of the mock are as close to the real thing as possible. Providing the school with secure assessment scores which may be more vital than ever in 2021!


Tailored Student Revision Sessions

Use one of our 40 existing off the peg revision conferences or any student course or webinar, tailor them to your specific needs or just give us the brief in terms of content or grade level and we will create your unique in school student session. Led by one of our expert course leaders and experienced examiners to give your students a direct understanding of what they will need to do to get top marks in their exams. Students will be guided through specific points and key areas to make sure they know exactly what is expected of them when answering exam questions.

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Teacher Courses:

If  you’re concerned about travel and disruption – why not book a course to run in your school? You can choose the date to work around INSET days commissioning a tailored programme of training to meet the specific needs of your school and teachers. Use one of our many scheduled courses or give us a brief and leave us to produce the course.

Our courses are a mix of short twilight sessions as well as a more intense 3 and half hour afternoon session. We can also create tailored online courses for a department or group of teachers on almost any subject or topic allowing specific focus on troublesome areas.


Benefits of our In School Sessions:

  • Boost student results
  • Fill gaps in learning
  • Effective use of catch-up premium
  • Add an authoritative voice to the key messages on student revision
  • Insights direct from examiners to your students
  • No worries about taking students outside school, or filling in risk assessments
  • No transport costs
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Can be targeted at specific groups or areas of study
  • Improve student understanding and knowledge
Teenage Students In Uniform Sitting Examination In School Hall

Mocks, Marking and Examiner Service (MME Service):

Keynote Educational have launched the Mocks, Marking and Examiner Sessions for GCSE and A Level students. This service has been created to develop student capabilities and confidence in answering exam questions and recognizing any flaws or improvements that could be made. Students will take a mock exam which will then be delivered externally to an experienced examiner. The examiner will then mark the paper externally and deliver the marked exam back to the school for teachers and students to analyse.