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Teacher Courses

Keynote has been providing an extensive range of subject specific courses for over twenty years. Spanning the Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics and many more, all subject courses are underpinned by a focus on emerging developments within specific disciplines across GCSE & A-level.

Led by acclaimed expert-examiners, our courses target essential subject specific criteria from exam preparation and practical skills development to emerging advancements within the discipline. Whether you’re a non-specialist seeking confidence in a related field or an experienced practitioner wanting to stay abreast at the forefront of best practice, Keynote has the course or you.

Senior & Middle Leaders

At Keynote, we know just how challenging and rewarding educational leadership is. No two leaders are the same and as such we offer a diverse range of high quality courses focused on key issues at the heart of best practice.

Our provision encompasses dynamic courses spanning areas such as Middle & Senior Leadership, Mental Health, Safeguarding, Ofsted, Curriculum and many more. Signature to each distinct course is the delivery of them by a recognised leading practitioner, demonstrating practical strategies at the forefront of contemporary topics, trends, issues and innovations within the sector.

In School Sessions

At Keynote we know just how diligently teachers prepare for their students success, and it’s with this in mind that we have developed our tailored In-school Teacher Sessions.

Targeting your specific needs however diverse, we’ll employ a combination of expertise and insights to provide you with a road map to peace of mind.

Our expert examiners will assist you to leave no stone unturned in creating a water-tight strategy to inform your assessment planning and best practice.

Senior & Middle Leaders

Below are just 6 of the many courses we offer, to view the rest follow the link below.

Responding To The Shifting Educational Landscape

London | Monday 08th November 2021

Speaker: Steve Waters

Draw up plans to address the impact of the pandemic on students’ wellbeing and mental health. Review the relationship between student and staff pastoral care.

Consider how the role of pastoral lead has changed with the pandemic and re-define it. Set out a detailed action plan for Sept 2021 – Aug 2022. Draw up a broad action plan for Sept 2022 – Aug 2023. Identify key themes for Sept 2023 – Aug 2024. Integrate your action plan with the School Improvement Plan on a rolling three-year programme.

Safeguarding – The New DSL

London | Thursday 14th October 2021

Speaker: Eugene O’Reilly

The course will look at KCSiE 2018-20, examine the keep points of the guidance and look ahead to what might be in the 2021 guidance.

You will also look at the some of the issues around staff training and developing a whole school training programme as well as the role of OFSTED in safeguarding, post-pandemic. We will also look at the role of the LADO and Lead Governor and your relationship with them.

Ofsted’s Expectations Post-Covid

London | Thursday 15th October 2021

Speaker: Steve Burnage

Since schools returned to face-to-face teaching and learning, there have been some key updates from the department of education and Ofsted on the impact of the pandemic on learning and progress, the process of interim monitoring inspections; and Ofsted’s plans for full inspections from Autumn 2021.

This practical workshop will examine the implications of national guidance and expectations for remote learning, explore how schools can evidence best practice.

New to Head of Department

London | Tuesday 12th October 2021

Speaker: Steve Burnage

This practical, course is designed to help kick-start your management and leadership career. It is designed for people who are new into management positions and aims to give you the confidence to manage and lead effectively.

We’ll take some best practices, academic theories and experiences from within the teaching world and from further afield to create a discursive, thought provoking day.

Revitalising Your Team

London | Thursday 21st October 2021

Speaker: Steve Burnage

This practical course will give those involved in the performance management process a better understanding of how we can use the performance management process as a positive tool to revitalise and engage your school teams effectively as we all move on from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using highly effective performance management templates and models of good practice to guide learning and discussions, participants will leave fully equipped to engaged in effective performance management practices and ensure that outstanding teaching, learning and progress, motivated teams; and staff wellbeing are all at the very heart of their performance management processes.

National Conferences

Our acclaimed national conferences are a point of pride for all of us here at Keynote. We invite internationally renowned expert speakers to deliver powerful speeches and dynamic workshops, offering insight into contemporary topics, issues and debates within the education sector.

These conferences embody both the social and cultural context of education alongside advanced knowledge of new and best practice. Current titles include The Decolonised School, Inspiring Women into Leadership and our in-demand annual Sixth-Form Conference. If you wish to take part in a riveting day full ideas, evidenced based practice, and compelling stories then look no further and book now.

14th Annual Sixth Form Leadership Conference

This conference aims to update Sixth Form Leaders on the very latest updates and challenges facing Sixth Forms.

It will provide practical effective solutions to these challenges from school leaders as well as delivering an up to date Academic overview of current Sixth Form Learning.

Inspiring Women Into Leadership

This highly relevant conference will be delivered by internationally recognised women in the field of education leadership.

Speakers will articulate a plethora of dynamic topics from assessing ones potential, overcoming barriers, practical strategies to secure leadership roles, transitioning to the leader’s perspective, how to network effectively and inspiring allyship.

A conference delivered by some of the most highly regarded women in education.

The Decolonised School

Intensify learning by broadening student perspectives and school equity. This poignant conference will illuminate the complex subject of Decolonisation in Education, offering insights and practical strategies for implementation.

Whole school benefits will be brought to life whilst misconceptions challenged. Delegates will be exposed to compelling knowledge surrounding topics such as Whole School Decolonisation, Global Citizenship, Decolonised Curriculum’s, Anti-Racist Action in Education and Cultural Learning through Technology.

The course was delivered with excellent clarity and provided detailed knowledge providing useful tactics and strategies to improve student performance.

It was inspiring! Brilliant focus on the expectations of the examiner and on the kind of detailed knowledge that raises grades.

Excellent subject knowledge and dynamic discussions coupled with fantastic resources.