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GCSE Study Skills & Revision Day
A Level Study Skills & Revision Day
Professional Development Opportunities 
for teachers & leaders

We are pleased to offer this new study and revision skills, adaptable and flexible course for all GCSE teachers supporting their students in the run up to the final study skills, revision and run up to the exam itself.

We are pleased to offer this new study and revision skills, adaptable and flexible course for all A Level teachers supporting their students in the run up to the final study skills, revision and run up to the exam itself.

Are you interested in taking on some freelance Training work in any of these subjects –
English, Maths, Languages, Dance, Drama or Music?
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National Conferences

Our significant and timely conferences cover a wide range of current trends and key issues impacting the secodary education sector. These conferences bring together a wealth of essential expertise and knowledge in an array of areas

Teacher Courses

We offer a wide variety of engaging and valuable teacher courses across 21 different curriculum areas. These one-day courses cover a range of professional development focusses from aspiring to head of faculty to teaching for the first time, there is something for everyone.

“The course was extremely well planned and the course leader’s knowledge was simply remarkable. In fact she was nothing short of a walking encyclopaedia for dance!”

Dagenham Park

October 2021


“A very well planned and resourced session with lots of information that was clearly presented. Plenty of resources and examples to embed into own practice.”

Oldfield School

October 2021

“The course opened my eyes to how others perceive a situation and has provided me with reassurance and techniques to apply to my practice.”

Eger Roth School

October 2021

Most Popular Courses

Psychology AQA A-Level – complete guide for new teachers

PE – New to teaching GCSE PE

Ofsted’s Expectations Post-Covid Evidencing Best Practice 

violin in orchestra

Music A-Level – outstanding compositions

This course offers an introduction and overview to teaching the AQA A-level Psychology programme of study for anyone in their first 3 years of teaching the course, or for anyone lacking confidence in delivering the course effectively.

This course offers an exciting and practical overview to teaching the AQA GCSE Physical Education course for anyone in their first years of teaching the course or those who maybe lacking in confidence when delivering.

This practical workshop will examine the implications of national guidance and expectations for learning, explore how schools can evidence best practice based in learning, teaching, pastoral care/wellbeing and leadership.

This course includes a detailed examination of what students need to demonstrate at A level, including the definitions of assessment terms used in the highest criteria, why they are used and integrating into the composition process.

Featured New Courses

The United Statues Capitol Building.

Aspiring to leadership in politics

AQA A-level Drama & Theatre Studies – Achieving in the Written Paper

Spanish AQA A-level – expert insights into paper 2: film

Biology A-Level – applying the principles of cognitive load theory in science teaching

This practical, course is designed to help kick-start your management and leadership career. It is designed for people who are new into management positions and aims to give you the confidence to manage and lead effectively.

This course seeks to reinvigorate your teaching practice and will take a fresh look at how to maximise the potential. It will explore a range of approaches and strategies for teaching both Language and Literature to invigorate and refresh.

This course is aimed at all teachers looking to refresh their teaching and expand their range of approaches. The day is practically focused, and will explore a range of approaches, for teaching the unseen translation and the texts.

This course is all teachers who are interested in developing their understanding of cognitive science applied to teaching and learning.  The focal point of the course is to achieve a knowledge of the principles of CLT and apply them to science teaching.

Student Conferences

Our venue-based student conferences have been designed to be invigorating and interactive, all based on students hearing direct in a LIVE situation, key advice and guidance from examiner presenters, full of practical tips, techniques and key information for students to improve their grades.

“The conference was very encouraging for the pupils in terms of how much they could actually complete and to see the way the mark scheme was applied.”

Ribblesdale High School

March 2021


“This was a fantastic experience for the pupils, it was very informative with an engaging speaker who clearly had bags of experience of exam marking.”

St Olaves

March 2021

“Very well organised, detailed and intense conference that allowed pupils to gin a clear understanding of quality responses. The speakers built a positive atmosphere. “

Harlington School

March 2021

Student Conferences: Most Booked So Far

Physical Education OCR A-Level – student conference

GCSE Drama Student Conference

French A-Level – student conference

History A-Level – Modern Britain 1951 – 2007

This conference will provide students with practical, engaging and motivational revision for the OCR A Level Physical Education examination.  Throughout the day, students will work with examiners and practitioners with a focus on improving their grades.

This conference, designed for students studying Drama aims to inspire, extend and consolidate students’ learning in all components studied for GCSE: Devising; performing an extract, analysing, evaluating a production and preparing for a written exam.

This revised for 2022 A-level French conference will provide students with a valuable and motivational revision day and been designed to improve student understanding of the varying question styles with interactive sessions that will extend student achievement.

Students will hear from leading Modern World historians and receive high quality advice, guidance and examples from a senior examiner for producing examination answers of the highest levels.

Teacher and Student In-Schools

Sessions are tailored and bespoke covering a range of subject areas including English, Maths, Science, Languages, PE, Humanities and Performing and Creative Arts, and focus on your own school priorities or adapted from any of our existing courses. Each session can be tailored in length to suit and are available during term time, at key assessment points, holidays and weekends. Sessions can even be split over a number of days or be separated into different ability levels over the course of the day.


“The course leader was really knowledgeable, not jut about Geography, but about the GCSE exam process and skills needed.”

Leigh academy
July 2021

“The sessions were very well planned and delivered with advice for tackling exam questions and material to support in class.”

Headington school

July 2021

“As we are new to teaching A-level Classical Civilisation, the in-school will help with planning formats, the choice of texts and ways to assess.”

Newham Sixth Form College

June 2021

Exam Marking Services

  • We provide Impartial and unbiased marking and feedback from our team of expert examiners.
  • We can highlight of individual and cohort area for improvement.
  • We help to relieve the burden of marking
  • We provide moderation of marking to really help staff understand the standards and objectives.
  • Give your school a chance of improving grades whilst easing staff workload.
  • We can write in-house exam papers which are bespoke to your school.

If you are interested any of these services, please do get in touch to discuss.

We are recruiting.

We are seeking committed and experienced practitioners who are dedicated to developing their own professional development and that of others. Please see our course leader opportunities for further information – click here 

The course was delivered with excellent clarity and provided detailed knowledge providing useful tactics and strategies to improve student performance.

It was inspiring! Brilliant focus on the expectations of the examiner and on the kind of detailed knowledge that raises grades.

Excellent subject knowledge and dynamic discussions coupled with fantastic resources.