Keynote Educational specialises in Physics courses for teachers and students. We support those looking at building new techniques and developing new methods to attain the highest grades possible in their A Level and GCSE exams. Our Physics courses cover a range of topics and can take place in a venue, in-school or online. To view brochure click here.

Our Physics courses specifically cover most exam boards including AQA and OCR. We support teachers and students to gain an in-depth understanding of what is required by current, senior examiners. Analyse key parts of practical exams, key words and key phrases to develop perfect answers in high mark questions.

Our Paper 3 courses and quantum ideas courses are some of our most popular choices with teachers and students. As a growing area of interest to teachers, keep an eye out on new leadership in Physics courses. Our Physics courses also look at areas such as specific modules and processes. Our ‘Challenging Able Students to Achieve A/A*’ courses are also available for the growing amount of  ambitious Physics teachers.

Specialising in various topics and areas, our upcoming Physics conferences are a must-have in all student calendars. Check out our upcoming Physics conferences including the OCR A Level Physics Student Conference.

We recommend all teachers join our leadership courses to see their careers progress further. With key advice, we’re proud to support the development of Physics teachers at all levels.

Further Info:

Our courses are regularly revised and expanded to remain highly effective under guidance from current, specialist examiners. As a result, we support you in staying ahead of the curve.

All our courses can be offered as tailored in-school solutions. This option gives you the opportunity to customise a course specifically to your teacher’s or student’s needs. To discuss how we can customise a course for your teachers and students, ring our specialists on 01625 532 974.