Leading a successful learning support unit

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This course focuses on analysis of entry and exit criteria, barriers to success, staffing and resources linked to proven teaching methods to evaluate the effectiveness of existing provisions and be seen as a centre of excellence in the promotion of behaviour and learning strategies.


  • Improve current provision with a direct focus on teaching and learning styles
  • Engage and empower a “whole school” approach to inclusion
  • Take away cutting edge and proven strategies to engage and motivate challenging students
  • Demonstrate impact of provision, progress and attainment of social, emotional and behavioural skills
  • Increase the use of ICT to monitor, track and evaluate student progress


Engage and empower a ‘whole school’ approach to inclusion

  • How to develop the LSU as an integral part of the school
  • Practical considerations to ensure success: Accommodation, Policy, Staffing, CPD, Resources

Assessment, evaluation and impact

  • Ensuring all staff “buy into” the concept of an integral Learning Support Unit
  • Understanding the learning and behavioural needs of students attending the LSU
  • Demonstrating progress and attainment: Reliable and proven resources


Engaging and motivating challenging students

  • Engaging and Motivating challenging students, Curriculum activities and lesson planning
  • Tracking, recording and the monitoring of progress and behaviour


Involving key stakeholders

  • Involving and communicating with parents, outside agencies and other stakeholders
  • Planning for reintegration back into mainstream provision
  • Support for mainstream staff and ensuring successful reintegration


Case studies

  • Case studies: Key points in the development of successful units and provisions


  • Short term planning: “What can I change immediately?”
  • Medium term planning: writing an effective action plan


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David Driscoll has more than 30 years teaching experience in mainstream and special schools across all key stages, at teacher, Head Teacher and County Manager levels. Dave headed a county wide provision for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and also managed a large, multi professional team, the “Behaviour and Inclusion Support Service.” As part of this role Dave was also seconded, over a period of three years, as an Executive/Assistant Head Teacher into one special, one junior and two secondary schools, all of which were, at that time, in Ofsted categories. Dave has been editor and contributing author of Teaching Expertise “Behaviour Matters” for more than six years and is currently in great demand, working nationally as a freelance consultant, Outstanding Teaching Intervention trainer, Chair and Keynote speaker on the National Education conference circuit. Over the past 9 years Dave has worked directly with over 25 local education authorities and 10 Academy Trusts in the UK plus many individual schools focussing on bringing about effective changes to teaching and learning, developing an Emotionally Literate environment and promoting an Inclusive ethos. During a career break from education, Dave spent 6 years working on the corporate entertainment circuit throughout UK and Europe including corporate, live, television and radio appearances.


  • Managers and staff with responsibility for LSU’s and Behaviour
  • Support Units in Mainstream Secondary Schools / Academies

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