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Outstanding Assessment, Marking and Feedback in AQA A-Level Psychology

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This brand-new course focuses on developing a deeper understanding of assessment in AQA A-Level Psychology and provides opportunities to explore strategies to enhance exam performance for students of all attainment levels. The course will enable teachers to develop their understanding and skills needed to assess student responses to the different question types on AQA A-Level Psychology exam papers. The course will also emphasise those teaching and learning strategies which will best facilitate improvement in student performance with a focus on the role of assessment for learning.


  • Develop a deeper understanding of the assessment demands in AQA A Level Psychology
  • Discover what examiners are looking for in all exam papers
  • Improve your ability to  analyse and improve student responses for the short-answer, long-answer and multiple-choice questions
  •  Special focus on the requirements of questions  that test students’ practical skills and their ability to analyse experimental data.
  • How to help your students to become more self-sufficient.
  •  Take away strategies and approaches to maximise students’ marks in the exams.


Ensuring that you Assess Students’ Work in a Reliably and Time-Effective Manner

10.00 – 10.50am
  • Understanding the different requirements and demands of the 3 exam papers
  • Exploring the finer details of mark-schemes to know how marks are gained and lost
  • Understanding how to use the Principal Examiner’s report to help future students – avoiding common errors and following the advice
  • The importance of the ‘student learning outcomes’ stated in the specification and the implications for teaching and learning



10.50 – 11.10am

Effective Assessment and Feedback to Students on Paper 1 Topics and Questions

11.00 – 12.00pm
  • The most common student misconceptions of the paper 1 topics and how to challenge and eradicate these
  • Using the AQA guidance provided in the Paper 1 reports to improve students’ performance
  • Recommended teaching and learning strategies for the trickiest topics in Paper 1
  • Resources and assessment methods that have been found to improve students’
  • Understanding and performance in answering questions on the Paper 1 topics

Paper 2 Topics and Questions: Enhancing Assessment and Providing Feedback to Students

12.00 – 12.50pm
  • Using insights offered in the Paper 2 reports to enhance students’ overall performance.
  • Identifying student misconceptions related to Paper 2 topics and implementing strategies to address and eliminate these misconceptions
  • Exploring teaching and learning methodologies tailored for the most challenging Paper 2 topics
  • Highlighting valuable resources and assessment approaches that have demonstrated success in enhancing students’ comprehension and proficiency in addressing questions related to Paper 2 topics.


12.50 – 1.50pm

Effective assessment and feedback to students on the Paper 3 requirements

2.00 – 2.45pm
  •  The most difficult part of paper 3: where most of the marks are lost
  • Recommended teaching and learning strategies for improving students’ skills
  • What were the examiners looking for in top level extended answers


Afternoon Break

2.40 – 2.45pm

Improving students’ revision and exam technique

2.45 – 3.30pm
  • The most reliable revision methods for students
  • Getting the most from AQA past-papers and mark-schemes
  • Detailed guidance on students’ examination technique and to persuade them to follow these


London | Tuesday 28 November 2023
London | Thursday 29 February 2024

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London | Tuesday 28 November 2023
London | Thursday 29 February 2024

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Rosie Hussain (MBA in Senior Leadership in Education) is a highly experienced and innovative classroom practitioner, with over 20 years in leading departments and delivering high quality T&L training. She is currently Head of Psychology as well as leading Research and development in a secondary school and sixth form college. As an AQA A-Level Examiner and member of the Chartered College of teaching she prides herself in providing high impact evidence-based practice in order to improve Teaching & learning in education


  • All teachers of AQA A-Level Psychology
  • Curriculum Leaders of Psychology
  • Teachers who are new to teaching A-level Psychology


  • A specially prepared folder of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance

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