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Sixth Form Leadership Conference

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We are pleased to offer this new, vibrant and informative Sixth Form Leadership Conference to all sixth form leaders and teachers.

The conference focuses on the key priorities and issues of current relevance including developing a rich and extensive curriculum which extends well beyond the high academic expectations held for students, the quality of students’ personal development learning experience and its impact on academic achievement, exploring AI and its potential for sixth forms, as well as many other key focus areas.


    • Hear from leading experts and best practice case studies who are innovatively driving improvements in students outcomes across their sixth forms
    • Gain insight and approaches into best practice ways to develop a successful culture of high expectations, high challenge and high reward across your sixth form
    • A whole school picture of the impact on academic success of a high quality personal development programme
    • Find out more about how AI can impact on sixth form learning and teaching
    • What are the key, all important styles, behaviours and actions of an outstanding Head of Teaching & Learning?
    • Find out more about the most recent policy updates and key priorities for sixth form leaders including results, destinations and funding
    • Take away approaches to improve the quality of experience for students who are not as engaged with learning as they could be
    • Find out more about what is the ‘Always Online 21st Century’ doing to our teenagers?

Introduction and Welcome

9.50 – 10.00pm
  • Developing a rich and extensive curriculum which extends well beyond the high academic expectations held for students
  • Imbuing in students a passion for learning and the pursuit of academic excellence
  • Encouraging students to explore their own personal hinterland
Claire Scott Head of School, Harris Westminster Sixth Form



The Quality of Students’ Personal Development Learning Experience and its Impact on Academic Achievement

  • Ensuring your staff confidently promote positive mental health and help to build the resilience of all students to excel academically.
  • Preventative strategies – giving students the tools to keep themselves emotionally healthy
  • Developing your curriculum to ensure students have personal development opportunities to help them flourish
Ben Stephenson Director of Sixth Form, Queen Anne’s School, Caversham

3A Exploring AI and its Potential For Sixth Form Teachers and Students

11.40 – 12.20pm
  • What is generative AI and why does it matter?
  • Policies, risks and worries – what leaders and educators need to think about
  • Keeping humans at the centre of learning
  • Effective uses of AI in the classroom and for teacher workload
  • Destinations – preparing our young people for higher education, study and work in an AI world
Rachel Evans Director of Digital Learning and Innovation, Wimbledon High School

3B Driving Change for the Most Vulnerable Sixth Form Students

11.40 – 12.20pm
  • Is there a true mental health tsunami? W
  • Working with the social care cohort including domestic abuse issues to create successful bespoke, personalised programmes
  • Effective, worked processes and systems to create the right conditions to drive change forward
Paula Blakemore Vice Principal, Birkenhead Sixth Form College, Wirral

Breakout Strand 1

12.20 – 1.05pm

1A: Leading Teaching & Learning Excellence to Embrace all aspects of Learning and Other Achievements

  • Leading and managing for academic excellence
  • Ensuring rigorous, student focused assessment procedures, data analysis and scrutiny which informs learning walks, the progress of individuals
  • The ‘super curriculum’ – extending students’ knowledge and skills beyond the required taught curriculum – how do you get your students to think really hard?
Mark Lloyd Assistant Principal, Harris Westminster Sixth Form

1B: Naming the Problem: Misogyny and Misogynistic Influencers

  • Using the fundamentals of misogyny to explore the ‘Manosphere’ – the online ‘ecosystem’ inhabited by figures like Andrew Tate ‘radicalising’ boys into misogynistic mindsets
  • Critically analyse the conducive context in which AT – and others – have become dominant: materialism, porn, gaming and an algorithmic ‘Wild West’
  • How to approach misogyny so that students listen
  • Terminology – what is the most appropriate language to use
Michael Conroy Founder, MEN AT WORK C.I.C.

1C: The Latest Directions & Key Messages Affecting Sixth Form Leaders

  • The most recent policy updates and key priorities for sixth form leaders, including results, destinations and funding
  • The very latest on the changing sixth form curriculum landscape, including BTEC and AGQ defunding
  • A spot of crystal-ball gazing at the likely new and emerging issues that will impact on the sixth form
Kevin Gilmartin Post 16 Specialist, Association of School and College Leaders


1.05 – 2.00pm

Breakout Strand 2

2.00 – 2.50pm

2A: Ethos and Achievement: Ensuring Pastoral Support and Curriculum Challenge Successfully Support Academic Success

  • Improving the quality of sixth form experience for those students who are not as engaged with learning as they could be
  • Developing effective strategies to engage, challenge, build the confidence and motivate students to stay the course, including setting tangible goals
  • Ensuring teachers maintain high ambitions, high challenge and high reward for all students
  • Encouraging teachers to create and develop innovative approaches to enrich the overall student sixth form experience
Phil Wilson Deputy Headteacher, The Downs School

2B: Outstanding Sixth Form Teaching & Learning: Taking Risks & Pushing Boundaries

  • Going above and beyond to Inspire outstanding learning
  • Implementing outstanding teaching & learning techniques to drive forward learning excellence and stretch able students
  • Creating an inspirational setting for inspired learning
  • Stimulating learning excitement with reinvigorated methods and approaches
Esmeralda Salgado 2022 Silver Award winner for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School, Head of MFL, King’s Ely, Cambridgeshire

2C: Raising Attainment in Department Performance

  • Ensuring relentless and purposeful quality management systems to secure department improvements
  • Best ways in monitoring, data, feedback, assessment outcomes and lesson visits
  • Strategies to take swift and decisive action to identify underperformance and implement focused action plans
  • Providing staff training for developing high quality
Oliver Savvides Assistant Head (Academic): London Academy of Excellence (invited)


2.50 – 3.00pm

Breakout Strand 3

3.00 – 3.50pm

3A: The ‘21st Century Online World’ and its Impact on Teenagers

  • Anxiety at School: Why is it on the Rise and What can we do?
  • Life online: What dispositions does this create?
  • What happens at KS5: helping students to become confident, focussed and ready to understand nuance
Katharine Radice Education Consultant, former Deputy Head, The Stephen Perse Foundation

3B: Oxbridge Preparation: How to Effectively Use Super Curricular Activities

  • Assessing the current landscape of Oxbridge applications
  • What are the best ways to use super curricular activities in applications?
  • Succeeding at interview – the top most important advice and support for students
  • Preparing students to engage effectively in academic conversation
  • Developing staff confidence in providing Oxbridge support
  • Cross-school support- building a local Oxbridge network
Ben Stephenson Director of Sixth Form, Queen Anne’s School, Caversham

3C: Practical Strategies: Constructive Dialogues with Sixth Form Boys – Being Safe and Being Safe to be Around

  • Positive, constructive interactions – in boys best interests, rather than reactive, accusatory and after-the fact
  • Explore pitfalls, what-not-to do and clarify what it is that we actually want to achieve
  • A model for strategic, ongoing engagement with teenage boys
  • Developing staff confidence in providing Oxbridge support
  • Identify quick wins whilst mapping out the deep, steady work that can transform a school and wider culture Michael Conroy
Michael Conroy Founder, MEN AT WORK C.I.C.


London | Friday 24 November 2023

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Claire Scott is Head of School at Harris Westminster Sixth Form, one of the highest-performing sixth forms in the UK. She has worked at Harris Westminster since 2015. The sixth form prides itself on the enormous breadth of opportunities available to Harris Westminster students that really set them up for success in life, that perhaps sets them apart from other sixth forms. Harris Westminster encourages students to explore the hinterland of their subjects by attending academic societies, reading widely, competing in essay competitions, and responding wisely. They encourage students to explore their own personal hinterland by choosing diverse cultural perspectives courses.

Kevin Gilmartin Post 16 Specialist, Association of School and College Leaders. In this role, he provides the latest support and advice to heads of sixth form in schools and colleges and to other members wanting clarification over the latest government policies and plans for the post-16 sector. Kevin’s work with the DfE in this area has made him a national figure in the debate over the future shape of the 16-19 landscape. Kevin also represents members in talks with the DfE over 16-19 performance measures, with UCAS over developments in university admissions, and with the Careers and Enterprise company over CEIAG and student destinations. Prior to joining ASCL, Kevin spent 30 years working in post-16 education, including secondary schools and FE colleges, before finishing his teaching career as a sixth form principal.

Ben Stephensonis currently Director of Sixth Form at Queen Anne’s School, Caversham which achieved their best ever A-level results in 2019 (excluding the CAGs in 2020). Previously Ben led a required improvement Sixth Form to an Ofsted Good where it was highlighted “The recently appointed, effective leader of the sixth form is improving provision and standards for all students”. Ben is also a Trustee of an Academy with an Outstanding Sixth Form provision. He has previously presented at the Keynote Heads of Sixth Form Conference on how to effectively teach revision. He co-edited the Brain Can Do Revision Handbook and his team’s research into the impact of audio feedback on Sixth Form students was published in The Chartered College of Teaching Impact Journal. Laura Chambers has worked at Hartpury Colle.

Rachel Evans is the Director of Digital Learning and Innovation at Wimbledon High School (GDST) and works with teachers to evaluate the use of technology for teaching and learning, implementing evidence-based practices. She is passionate about using technology in an authentic way, keeping human relationships at the heart of learning, with a particular interest in the use of technology to allow students to develop skills of effective collaboration and creative problem-solving. Recognised for excellence in the use of technology in education, WHS has been a Microsoft Showcase School for six years and won the 2020 TES Independent Schools Award for Best Use of Technology. Rachel is also a Trustee of Folio Education Trust where she acts as Lead Trustee for Digital Learning and chairs the Education Committee.

Mark Lloyd is Assistant Principal at Harris Westminster and also teaches Biology. He studied Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Durham University before embarking on a career in teaching through the Teach First program. Mark has held a plethora of roles in teaching including Head of Department, Head of Sixth Form, Head of House and Head of Extracurricular. He is a firm believer that education comes not just in the classroom but the opportunities that arise out of it, and takes much enjoyment in aiding students to decide what might happen after sixth form. In his spare time Mark enjoys getting on his bike for tours of different countries, being musical and trying to fit as much sport into his life as possible.

Michael Conroy is the Founder of MEN AT WORK, CIC, set up to deliver transformative training in the areas of challenging sexism, supporting healthy personal development and fostering violence free relationships and communities. He spent 16 years in Secondary Education in England, delivering a wide range of citizenship and well-being programmes for students in Years 7-13 before committing full-time to Men At Work. He has trained over 1000 teachers, social workers and youth workers in facilitating the 10 Dialogues programme which he devised as a pragmatic resource in supporting boys and young men to be safe (for themselves) and safe to be around – for their male peers, women and girls.

Phil Wilson is Deputy Headteacher, at The Downs School, responsible for the pastoral system within The Downs, including behaviour, attendance and safeguarding. He also line manages the Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage Three), the Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage Four), the Head of Sixth Form and the SENCO. I also line manage the English and Media and Maths and Computing faculties.

Esmeralda Salgado is a Silver Award winner for Teacher of the Yar in a Secondary School 2022. She is Head of MFL at King’s Ely and has been teaching languages for 20 years. She is an Advanced Skills Teacher and alongside her role as Head of MFL, has been King’s Ely’s Digital Lead for two years. Her approach to teaching is reflected by the school’s Digital Learning Strategy and Languages Curriculum. Esmeralda has coached colleagues across curriculum areas to help them develop their own teaching and learning strategies.

Paula Blakemore is Vice Principal at Birkenhead Sixth Form College, Wirral, responsible for safeguarding, learning support and new student admissions. She is also the College lead on HR and staff development. Rated as Outstanding by Ofsted, the College is a leading provider of A Level and BTEC courses for 16 – 19 year olds in the area.

Katharine Radice is an education consultant with 20 years’ experience of working in schools. A former Deputy Head, she has taught within the full range of school environments (boarding, day, co-educational, single sex, independent and maintained sector) and in a range of pastoral and academic leadership roles. Her consultancy work focuses on the dispositions that feed or hinder success in a school environment and the importance of understanding the adolescent journey from a 3D perspective, navigating the differences between teacher, student and parent viewpoints. She has a national reputation as a Classics teacher, combining everyday realism with innovative approaches to curriculum delivery.


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