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Teaching & Learning Leadership Conference

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Educational research and studies show that the standard of leadership of teaching and learning has a direct impact on the quality of academic and other achievements for students; creating a culture of excellence – of high expectations, high challenge, high reward in which everyone excels is of key importance for all schools, never more so than in the current climate.

This new, vibrant and informative Teaching & Learning Leadership Conference is vital for all senior leaders who are driving forward the highest standards of teaching and learning excellence standards across their schools/MATs.

The conference brings together leading experts and key practitioners who will give sessions focusing on key areas, including achieving outstanding academic standards; creating a first-rate education – ways to ensure your staff and senior leaders share the same high aspirations of teaching and learning excellence; the quality of pupils’ personal development and its impact on learning and achievement; exploring AI to advance teaching and learning, and more.


  • Hear from leading experts and practitioner who are driving forward new ideas and exploring new directions which impact on teaching and learning success
  • Establish a culture of teaching and learning excellence in which students flourish
  • Ensure a highly ambitious, rich curriculum which goes beyond examination requirements and challenges all students
  • Ensure your staff support students with extensive subject knowledge, skills and pedagogical expertise
  • Find out more about how students’ intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for learning enables them to achieve excellent GCSE and A Level results in response to high quality teaching


Introduction & Welcome:

10.00 – 10.05am

High Expectations, High Challenge, High Reward: Achieving Outstanding Academic Standards

10.05 – 10.50am
  • Creating the right culture and environment to maximise teaching and learning
  • How self-esteem/self-perceptions/self-image can be affected by social media, Instagram
  • Effective, worked examples to create the right conditions for high quality teaching, learning and other achievements
Ed Elliott  Head, The Perse School, Cambridge 

Morning Break

10.50 – 11.10am

High Quality Staff Development in Teaching & Learning

11.10 – 11.50am
  • Creating a first-rate teaching and learning education – ensuring your staff and senior leaders contribute to raising the same high aspirations
  • Methods and approaches to establish highly ambitious subject and pedagogical knowledge, to promote deep knowledge and understanding across the curriculum
  • Policies to ensure all staff have the same high expectations for all pupils
  • What constitutes high quality CPD programme across a term, across a year?
  • Developing outstanding practice amongst teachers to collaborate professional learning
Tim Lissimore  Senior Deputy Head, Wilson’s School 

Keynote 3A – The Quality of Children’s Personal Development

11.50 – 12.30am
  • Effective processes and systems to successfully develop a vibrant, active community enabling students to develop strong personal qualities
  • Carefully planned pastoral programmes – what constitutes an excellent tutor system for children’s’ personal development?
  • Ways to develop children to be highly reflective, aware of their strengths and weaknesses and understand how to improve their learnings
  • Character education – ways to help students develop as individuals, developing confidence, resilience, grit, initiative
  • Excellent ways to explore topics such as personal identity, future careers, universities of the world, issues that affect wider society, extensive curriculum enrichment, diversity
Steve Smith Headteacher, Guildford County School 

Keynote 3B – Using Digital Technology and AI to Advance Teaching and Learning

11.50 – 12.30am
  • The speed of change – and AI – the risks, challenges and opportunities for teachers and pupils
  • Effective uses of AI in the classroom and for teacher workload
  • What works best with able students?
  • What can technology to ease the work load of teachers?
  • Preparing our young people for further education, study and work in an AI world
Paul Baker Head of Computing and Digital Strategy, The Perse School, Cambridge


12.30 – 1.30pm

Breakout Strand 1

1.30 – 2.15pm

1A: Outstanding Leadership of Teaching & Learning

  • Vision, purpose and values – establishing a CULTURE FOR LEARNING 1.0 and 2.0 – highly positive attitudes to, and choices about learning
  • What is adolescence for? How the purpose explains the problems
  • Curriculum design – knowledge and skills planners and the growth of resilient and thoughtful leaners
  • Assessment- calendaring, formal examinations and the interim reporting process
  • Quality Assurance (not quality control!) – at all levels
  • Our ‘Wider Curriculum’
Steve Smith Headteacher, Guildford County School 

1B: Using Rigorous Assessment Procedures to Promote Rapid Progress

  • Monitoring teacher assessment expertise to ensure intervention is targeted appropriately and has impact
  • Measuring rapid progress-what are the barriers to rapid progress?
  • Ways to get students to ‘buy-in’ to the assessment process and progress themselves with their own learning
  • Assessment- calendaring, formal examinations and the interim reporting process
  • Forensically analysing the data to identify key areas of intervention and foster responsive curriculum planning
Emma Shakespeare Assistant Principal for Teaching & Learning Thomas Rotherham College 

1C: Driving Change For the Most Vulnerable Sixth Form Students

  • Is there a true mental health tsunami?
  • Working with the social care cohort including domestic abuse issues to create successful bespoke, personalised programmes
  • Ways to get students to ‘buy-in’ to the assessment process and progress themselves with their own learning
  • Driving change: effective, worked processes and systems to create the right conditions for driving change forward
Paula Blakemore Vice Principal, Birkenhead Sixth Form College, Wirral


2.15 – 2.20pm

Breakout Strand 2

2.30 – 3.10pm

2A: Developing Excellent Learning and Study Skills

  • Practical approaches to developing high quality learning and study skills and habits
  • Practical strategies on how to analyse, hypothese and synthesise well
  • Identifying best practice in how students become keen and eager to become active participants in their own learning and in driving it forward
Dr Tanya Khimya Deputy Head forTeaching and Learning, The Perse School, Cambridge 

2B: Instructional Coaching to Improve Teaching and Learning Effectiveness

  • Establishing classroom procedures that build successful habits
  • Techniques to improve the focus on effective teaching strategies
  • Probing problems in teacher delivery; how to identify concrete action steps that lead to improvement
  • Building confidence, and resilience, in coaches to successfully lead teacher development
Mark Pritchard Executive Headteacher, Pioneer Education Trust, Fellow, Chartered College of Teaching, Headteacher, Upton Court Grammar School 

2C: Advanced Teaching & Learning: Taking Risks, Extending Boundaries

  • Going above and beyond to inspire outstanding learning
  • Implementing Outstanding Teaching & Learning techniques to drive forward learning excellence
  • Creating an inspirational setting for inspired learning
  • Stimulating learning excitement with reinvigorated methods and approaches
Esmeralda Salgado 2022 Silver Award winner for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School, Head of MFL, King’s Ely, Cambridgeshire

Breakout Strand 2

3.10 – 3.50pm

3A: Developing Excellent Learning and Study Skills

  • Creating a culture of learning that motivates pupils to enjoy their learning and to flourish
  • Rigorously evaluating learning and teaching to enable robust improvement planning and progress
  • Supporting teachers in delivering their course content in a way that students quickly grasp
  • Practical steps for teachers to use their subject and pedagogical knowledge effectively to plan and deliver lessons
Emma Shakespeare Assistant Principal for Teaching & Learning Thomas Rotherham College 

3B: Meeting the Needs of Academically Able Pupils to Achieve Exceptional Standards

  • Professional Learning – practical approaches and strategies that achieves exceptional standards in high attaining pupils
  • Ways to extend student thinking and understanding beyond the structure and assessment of examination requirements
  • Developing the breadth and depth of the curriculum to enhance students’ intellectual curiosity
Tim Lissimore Senior Deputy Head, Wilson’s School 

3C: Stepping up to Head of Teaching and Learning: The Key Issues

  • Developing curriculum expertise and enrichment as Head of Teaching & Learning: what is it?
  • Leading your team – strategies for motivating experienced and junior teachers
  • “Not out to get you!”: Making observation and appraisal processes as empowering
  • Processes to breed accountability, responsibility, and enact change
Marcus Sharrad Director of Coaching & Mentoring, Lead on Professional Development, Marlborough College


London | Friday 10 November 2023

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Ed Elliott was educated at the Royal Grammar School in Worcester. He gained a College scholarship, a University Prize and a First Class degree reading Geography at St Anne’s College, Oxford. In 1997, Ed joined The Perse as Head of Sixth Form, and in 2001 became Director of Studies with responsibility for the curriculum. In 2004, he became Deputy Head (Staff), and took over as Head in September 2008. Ed is Vice-Chair of the HMC Academic Policy Committee with a special interest in public exam issues. Ed is the co-author of University Applications, Making a success of them and a contributory author of Leading Schools in the Twenty First Century. He sits on the standards and regulatory compliance committees of Cambridge Assessment, and is involved in the creation, development, and governance of schools in the Middle and Far East.

Tim Lissimore  is Senior Deputy Head at Wilson’s School (Sunday Times London State Secondary School of the Decade), where he has worked since 2009 and been responsible for teachers’ professional learning for over 10 years. Wilson’s has been widely praised, including by Ofsted, for its dynamic and responsive approach to personalised professional development, which contributes to students’ outstanding outcomes. Following postgraduate study in Teacher Education at the University of Oxford, focussing on teachers’ collaboration and reflection, Tim is now researching how (and by whom) teachers’ professional learning is directed in secondary schools. As a pianist, he has performed, accompanied and examined widely alongside his roles in education. He is a trustee at Central YMCA, a charity with national reach in FE and skills.

Steve Smith is Headteacher of Guildford County School which was judged Outstanding by Ofsted in February 2023. The school has a strong reputation for academic success, and they are proud of their consistently high examination results, developed within a caring and family atmosphere. Previously, Steve qualified as a Geography teacher in 2001, and subsequently gained a masters degree in Educational Leadership. Steve took up post as Deputy Head of Guildford County School in 2014 and successfully completed his NPQH later that same year. He was appointed interim Head of School at County in May of 2018, a role which was then made permanent in 2019. Away from schools, Steve qualified as a Mountain Leader in 2007; he has also led and delivered all three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme; he has a passion for learning outside the classroom, contributing in any way that he can to the wider life of the school.

Emma Shakespeare is Assistant Principal for Teaching & Learning at Thomas Rotherham College. She is an SLE and a Chartered Teaching and Research Psychologist. She has presented for the Association of Teaching Psychology and the National Science Learning Centre and presents for Keynote on a range of senior leadership roles. She combines her wealth of experience or both teaching and leadership with cutting edge research to deliver high quality training for educators.

Mark Pritchard is Executive Headteacher of the Pioneer Educational Trust, a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching, and Headteacher of Upton Court Grammar School. With a demonstrated history of working in educational leadership across secondary, primary, middle school, he supports students, teachers and leaders to learn and grow, particularly in coaching and leadership development. He holds a coaching accreditation from GCI, a Master’s degree, and is currently a doctoral student at UCL in leadership development. He coaches individuals and teams, as well as designing and delivering leadership programmes, for audiences and organisations including Pioneer Educational Trust, Teach First, Ambition Institute and University College London (UCL).

Dr Tanya Khimyak graduated as a chemist and a teacher of chemistry from the Ivan Franko Lviv National University (Ukraine), followed by a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge (2002). After a one-year industrial postdoc still at the department of chemistry, she was appointed as Newnham / Trinity Lecturer in Inorganic chemistry, a post she held for three years. In 2006 she began her career as a teacher of chemistry at the Magdalen College school in Oxford, where in addition to the main teaching duties she also held the posts of careers advisor and exams officer. She joined The Perse School in September 2010 and was promoted to the Head of Chemistry in January 2012 and the Deputy Head (Teaching and Learning) from September 2017. During this time, she has completed consultancy work, focusing on teacher training and curriculum development for Cambridge International.

Esmeralda Salgado is a Silver Award winner for Teacher of the Yar in a Secondary School 2022. She is Head of MFL at King’s Ely and has been teaching languages for 20 years. She is an Advanced Skills Teacher and alongside her role as Head of MFL, has been King’s Ely’s Digital Lead for two years. Her approach to teaching is reflected by the school’s Digital Learning Strategy and Languages Curriculum. Esmeralda has coached colleagues across curriculum areas to help them develop their own teaching and learning strategies.

Paula Blakemore is Vice Principal at Birkenhead Sixth Form College, Wirral, responsible for safeguarding, learning support and new student admissions. She is also the College lead on HR and staff development. Rated as Outstanding by Ofsted, the College is a leading provider of A Level and BTEC courses for 16 – 19 year olds in the area.

Paul Baker is Head of Computing & Digital Strategy at The Perse School. In recent years, his interest has turned to the national drive on uptake of Computer Science and he is one of the joint founding members of UKCT Challenges, in which he administers the annual Perse Coding Team Challenge (, sat last year by some 7500 students, and co-authors other UKCT resources. Paul works cross-departmentally to explore and encourage effective use of digital learning & workflow, building on the Microsoft Surface devices used by students. His more recent projects include assembling a Cambridge AI Forum from local expertise to advise the school on the best, safest and most transformative uses of AI over the next five years.

Marcus Sharrod is the Director of Coaching & Mentoring at Marlborough College, Wiltshire. In this colleague-facing and centred role, Marcus is responsible for teacher development. He leads on internal professional development, creating a bespoke programme of workshops, and leads on Early Career Teaching framework, trainee teachers, the induction of new staff. Marcus is also responsible for academic intervention, which he has designed with a coaching and mentoring lens.


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