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Outstanding Head of Year Conference

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With student behaviour issues, attendance concerns, social media incidents and mental health issues all on the rise, the role of the Head of Year and developing those who are in post and aspiring to take on the role has never been more important.

This forward-looking, innovatory conference is aimed at ambitious Heads of Year who are looking to become outstanding in the role, staff preparing to take the next steps in their career, as well as senior leaders who are responsible for spotting potential and strengthening their pastoral teams.

This vibrant and exciting conference will address and explore the key challenges and opportunities the Head of Year faces, providing strategies and approaches to ensure buy in from staff and students, with focuses on what makes an outstanding head of year, investigating student underperformance and developing excellent tutor teams.


  • Hear from leading experts and practitioners who are driving improvements in pastoral leadership
  • Learn more about what the Head of Year does, the decision making, key challenges and common mistakes
  • Find out more about how to conduct subject comparisons, identify progress trends, collaborate with department heads and teachers to tackle underperformance
  • Develop effective strategies for leading and engaging in difficult conversations with staff
  • Take away practical strategies to deal with Issues that arise from student interactions on social media
  • Know how to effectively manage severe behaviour and attendance
  • Gain an understanding of how to write and design successful personal development programmes


Introduction & Welcome:

10.00 – 10.10am Steve Smith, Head of Professional Development, Keynote Educational

The Behaviours of an Outstanding Head of Year

10.10 – 10.55am
  • What does a Head of Year do? The decision making, the key challenges and common mistakes
  • Managing and leading tutor teams; the approaches, methods and strategies needed to inspire and develop others
  • Communicating the vision, conveying the culture – how do you build it in, get the message across and maintain high expectations and high reward?
  • How do you develop yourself to ensure you become an outstanding leader?
Tim Hudson Education and Leadership Expert

Morning Break

10.55 – 11.15am

The Role of the Head of Year in Raising Academic Achievement

11.15 – 12.00pm
  • Conducting subject comparisons and identifying progress trends, collaborating with department heads and teachers to tackle underperformance
  • Monitoring, tracking, assessing and analysing rapid progress data
  • Identifying vulnerable students and groups before it’s too late
  • Implement targeted interventions and provide support, recognising the impact of effective feedback
Katharine Radice Educational Consultant

Professional Learning: Empowering Your Team to Engage in Controversial Debates with Students

12.00 – 12.45pmam
  • Developing tutors to effectively discuss challenging and sensitive topics with students
  • Ensuring tutors create the right climate for students to engage in debates, discussions, and expression of individual opinions
  • Identifying vulnerable students and groups before it’s too late
  • Developing effective strategies for leading and engaging in difficult conversations with students
Collette Clifford Educational Leader, School Improvement Advisor and Leadership Coach


12.45 – 1.45pm

Breakout Strand 1

1.45 – 2.35pm

1A: Dealing with Serious Issues from Student’s Social Media Interactions

  • Dealing with severe issues arising from social media such as racism, bullying, and the sharing of inappropriate or sexual images
  • Establishing robust processes, systems, and guidelines to effectively manage incidents on social media, including from Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook
  • Implementing staff CPD, equipping them with confidence and the necessary skills to address severe online issues
  • Involving parents in the response to severe online interactions and fostering their active engagement
Karen Hackett Head of Education Standards, North Lincolnshire Council

1B: Academic Intervention: A Contemporary Approach

  • Academic intervention – Investigating the full picture with all related staff
  • The role of the Head of Year in making interventions work
  • Coherent tracking opportunities: leveraging reporting and tutoring systems
  • Support+: A coaching/mentoring approach case study
Marcus Sharrad Director of Coaching and Mentoring, Head of Exercise and Sports Sciences, Marlborough College, Wiltshire


2.35 – 2.45pm

Breakout Strand 2

1.45 – 2.35pm

2A: Tackling Severe Behaviour & Attendance

  • The responsibilities of the Head of Year in tackling severe behaviour and attendance issues
  • Effectively managing severe behaviour incidents – making the right decisions
  • Addressing and tackling the impact of severe absenteeism and EBSA
  • Implementing strategies to effectively engage with parents on issues of severe behaviour and attendance
Collette Clifford Educational Leader, School Improvement Advisor and Leadership Coach

2B:Creating the Right Environment to Maximise Student Personal Growth and Development

  • How the Head of Year creates the conditions conducive to maximising personal growth and development in their year group
  • Ensuring students are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Enriching student experiences through wider curriculum opportunities and onward destinations
  • Developing and nurturing student character by instilling moral values, embracing diversity, and promoting respect and kindness
Tim Hudson Education and Leadership Expert


London | Thursday 30 November 2023

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Tim Hudson is a leadership and development expert with particular interest in the education sector. Backed by a degree in management, he has worked with a wide variety of people, from aspiring student leaders to senior managers. In the past two years he has run in-house programmes developing leadership in teachers and pupils in HMC schools, including a pioneering year-long leadership course accredited by the ILM.

Katharine Radice is an education consultant with 20 years’ experience of working in schools. A former Deputy Head, she has taught within the full range of school environments (boarding, day, co-educational, single sex, independent and maintained sector) and in a range of pastoral and academic leadership roles. Her consultancy work focuses on the dispositions that feed or hinder success in a school environment and the importance of understanding the adolescent journey from a 3D perspective, navigating the differences between teacher, student and parent viewpoints. She has a national reputation as a Classics teacher, combining everyday realism with innovative approaches to curriculum delivery.

Collette Clifford is an experienced educational leader, school improvement adviser and leadership coach. With experience of working across secondary, primary and most recently as an Assistant Principal in a special provision school. As part of her role, she supported the personal development and wellbeing of both staff and students. She is passionate about supporting every child to achieve their full potential by investing in the adults that shape and support their development. Consistency, care and collaboration are key features of creating the right culture. She works closely with educators, students and their families to create a pillar of support that encourages everyone to thrive.

Karen Hackett is the Head of Education Standards, responsible for safeguarding, school improvement, governance, SEND specialist teachers and the EMTAS service in North Lincolnshire. She has been a DSL in a large secondary school, which included the role of Designated teacher for Children in care. The role encompassed the support for children in early help, child in need plans and child protection plans which required multi-agency working to ensure the needs of children and families were met.

Marcus Sharrad is the Director of Coaching & Mentoring and Head of Exercise & Sport Sciences at Marlborough College, Wiltshire, where he has worked since 2015. He is a degree-level qualified professional coach via the Institute of Leadership & Management and applies this expertise through his leadership of the staff Professional Development Programme, and through mentoring pupils on the Support+ Programme at Marlborough College.

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