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WEBINAR | EDEXCEL GCSE Music: How to Excel

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We will be working through each of the set works to ensure you understand the key elements of each piece.  As well as covering the set works, I’ll be sharing my top tips on how to approach the dictation and unfamiliar listening as well as covering the key ingredients needed to be successful in the essay questions


  • Breaking down the set works so you know the absolute essentials
  • Finding a way to achieve in the dictation question
  • Focussing on the structure of the essay to ensure you maximise your marks
  • Working through how to approach the exam and how to use your time effectively


The Exam

3.30-3.40pm What to expect, how to manage your time and what to avoid.

Area of Study 1 & 2

3.40 – 4.05pm Revision and key points for each of the set works studied in AoS 1 and 2, including potential questions and areas to be aware of.


4.05-4.15pm How to find a method that works for you to ensure you achieve and what you can do to revise ahead of the exam.

Further Listening

4.15 – 4.25pm How to approach your revision in the run up to this exam and what you can do to prepare effectively.

The Essay

4.25 – 4.40pm How to survive and succeed.  An overview of the mark scheme and how to structure your essay to attract the marks you need.

Area of Study 3 & 4

4.40 – 5.00m Revision and key points for each of the set works studied in AoS 3 and 4, including potential questions and areas to be aware of.


WEBINAR | Thursday 23 May 2024
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Emily Gunton has been a Director of Music for 12 years and overseen the expansion of the Music department as well as increased numbers of students studying Music at GCSE and A-Level. She is a moderator for Edexcel and an assessor for Arts Award, Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training and Music based Apprenticeships. She writes for Music Teacher Magazine and The Guardian and is columnist for the TES. Emily began her career as a freelance percussionist working in London Orchestras. During this time, she lead workshops for the Wigmore Hall, BBC and RPO and devised a programme of workshops to improve literacy in prisons through songwriting.

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