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WEBINAR | Maximise Exam Success in OCR A – A-Level Biology Paper 2: Biological Diversity

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Join A-Level Biology expert examiner Ellena Gilson for this brand-new student revision webinar as she aims to provide students with valuable insights and strategies to enhance their exam performance. Participants can expect:
  • A focus on the difficult Module 6 topics and how to use biological terminology in exam responses.
  • A guide through exam questions to gain a deeper understanding of the exam technique required.
  • A discussion of the importance of AO3 questions and how to use the language of measurement.


  • Learn how to become confident with the tricky topic of Manipulating genomes
  • Focus on how module 6 topics closely link to module 4 topics and how this is reflected in good exam responses
  • Learn to identify the different types of questions and command words
  • Gain practice at using data analysis skills and making and justifying conclusions, including how to correctly quote data
  • Become confident in evaluation skills

PROGRAMME | 3.30 – 5.00pm

The Challenges in Paper 2
  • Manipulating genomes and how to break it down into manageable chunks
  • Ecosystems is not as easy as it seems and how it links well with biodiversity in module 4
  • Links between patterns of inheritance and the module 4 topics: classification and evolution

Different exam techniques for different types of exam question on Paper 2
  • Recognising the type of question and command word
  • Quoting data to support a conclusion
  • Learning how to analyse data and making conclusions
  • Evaluating data and using the language of measurement


WEBINAR | Wednesday 01 May 2024
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Ellena Gilson is a former Head of Biology at a top grammar school with over 25 years of outstanding teaching experience. She has extensive experience as an A-Level Biology examiner and holds senior positions for two major examination boards.  

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