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WEBINAR | Maximising Student Success in AQA A-Level French: Paper 1

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Join A-Level French expert examiner Stuart Glover for this brand-new student revision webinar as he aims to provide students with valuable advice and strategies to enhance their exam performance. Student’s will gain insights on how to gain the most marks from the paper 1 examination, including reading, listening, translating, summarising, and avoiding the common pitfalls of the paper.


  • Avoiding stress and giving insights into the different types of comprehension tasks
  • Discovering why listening is such a key skill
  • Approaching translation positively
  • Tips on how to achieve maximum marks in grammar tasks


3:30 – 5:00pm

Comprehension Tasks

  • How best to approach reading comprehension tasks based on grade assessment criteria
  • Task types and exam techniques
  • Tricks and tips

Say that Again!
  • Making the most of the listening section of the exam
  • How to practice for the listening
  • Identifying distractors

Sum it Up
  • How best to tackle the thorny skill of summarising

It’s all French to me!
  • Translation and the avoidance of paraphrasing
  • Ensuring accuracy, into and out of French
  • Exam techniques and timings

  • Dealing with grammar


WEBINAR | Thursday 09 May 2024
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Stuart Glover is a renowned expert in GCSE and A-Level French, he has been head of department and taught till 2020. He has been chief examiner for igcse French, Principal moderator for GCSE French at AQA for 12 years, reviser, presenter, principal examiner for GCSE writing and lead examiner for GCSE French. He has also examined at A-Level for many years for the same awarding body. Stuart has written The Pearson Revise books and practice papers for AQA and Edexcel GCSE (new and old spec) as well as the OUP French text book for the new GCSE for AQA and have written the assessment materials for Studio French GCSE for Edexcel and AQA editions of the textbook as well as materials for online testing.

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