This NEW conference, is designed in the light of the 2018 examinations. The revamped conference will focus on challenging areas, how to boost grades and how to meet the demands of the questions for examination success in 2019.

This NEW Biology conference will provide students with a highly valuable and motivational revision day. The conference has been designed to improve student understanding with varied, interactive sessions throughout the day. Students will hear from a practising research scientist and receive high quality advice, guidance and examples from senior examiners for producing examination answers of the highest levels.

The conference is designed for students of all examination boards.


  • Experience a unique opportunity to hear from leading experts and senior examiners in the same event
  • Ask questions direct to examiners and a practising research scientist from a leading university
  • Gain top level advice and guidance on how to access the higher grades in examinations
  • Enhance your understanding of key areas of Biology, all linked directly to the exam papers
  • Take part in interactive examiner workshops to improve performance in the exams
  • Take away a full set of conference notes, with examination tips and example answers


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10.25 – 10.40am
Welcome and introduction: Harjit Singh

  • Key lessons from last year’s exams which will help improve revision and exam technique

10.40 – 11.10am
Success in Data Analysis: Mike Brown

  • Powerful Examiner Advice on how to demonstrate excellent data analysis skills across all the topics
  • Comparison example and marking exercises to help students see how to attain high marks using Biological Molecules as an example

11.10 – 11.50am
Expert talk – Antibodies: How medical research relies on nature’s labelling system: Dr Harry Pritchard

Our expert will consider current debates and arguments in the scientific and wider communities and possible implications for future scientific progress.

  • The talk will cover cell recognition and the immune system, structure of eukaryotic cells and methods of studying cells, improving student understanding of these areas
  • Unique opportunity to ask questions of a practising research scientist

11.50 – 12.10pm

  • Submit your questions for our expert and win a prize

12.10 – 12.40pm
Top Tips for revising and answering Synoptic Questions: Mike Brown

Using the information from the expert presentation and linking it across the specification content, our senior examiner will demonstrate how students can answer synoptic questions with high levels of confidence.

  • Explore what examiners are looking for in the synoptic questions
  • Examine example questions in small groups to highlight the synoptic element being tested
  • Marking exercise: how students can show examiners their full level of knowledge and understanding

12.40 – 1.10pm

1.10 – 1.40pm
Examiner talk – How to ‘think like a scientist’ when answering longer questions: Harjit Singh, Harry Pritchard

  • Expert guidance on how to structure answers to meet what the examiners want
  • Student activity – answer planning exercise, using gene technologies as the example topic
  • Examine examples of high mark responses and discuss their strengths in groups and with the examiners

1.40 – 2.10pm
How to tackle the Maths element with confidence: Harjit Singh

  • With example answers, our expert examiner demonstrates why these should not cause students problems
  • Consider where and how students lost marks in 2018, to avoid making the same errors
  • Answer example questions and get direct advice on how to get high marks on these

2.10 – 2.20pm
Quiz box

  • Student questions on A-level Biology are answered by our experts

2.20 – 2.50pm
How to utilise practical work to support excellent exam preparation: Mike Brown

  • Expert guidance on how to utilise the skills learnt in the practical endorsements when revising and answering actual exam questions, with example answers
  • How to make best use of the past papers to strengthen exam technique

2.50 – 3.00pm
Final Top Tips and Close

  • What students can do after today to improve their exam results

Dr Harjit K Singh

Dr Singh is an experienced teacher and senior examiner for A level Biology. She has taught and examined A Level Biology for over 25 years, IB Biology for 8 years as well as BTEC Applied Science. She is a published author of the Key Skills and Knowledge Booster Biology and co-author of Key Skills and Knowledge Booster BTEC Science Applied and Vocational courses. She has presented many biology courses for teachers, student revision conferences and online web conferences. She is also involved in presenting international IB student revision courses.

Michael Brown

Michael has been an examiner for 15 years and has worked in post 16 education for 23 years, initially as an A-level Biology Tutor before progressing to Head of Department and finally STEM and Quality Initiatives Manager. He has had a positive effect on student’s aspirations and achievement; his Learner Voice results are always very positive and examination results have been consistently above benchmark for all KPI’s with excellent value added.

As a Head of Department, he completed an ‘Exceeding Expectations’ management training course and is a strong and effective leader. His Science provision was chosen as part of OFSTED’s Good practice survey: Improving Sciences in Colleges. Michael was then seconded to another campus to improve science results and turned around the department within 12 months. During this time his college also reached the finals of the National STEMNET Awards for three consecutive years.

Dr Harry Pritchard

Dr Pritchard is a Research Associate at the University of Manchester in the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences. His current research looks into the mechanisms controlling the diameter of small arteries which supply different organs throughout the body and is funded by the British Heart Foundation.

Students £25+VAT

One free teacher place for every 10 student places
Additional teachers £35+VAT
Individual teachers £80+VAT