The aim of this updated conference is to provide students with practical, engaging and motivating revision for the GCSE Dance examinations. Throughout the day, students will work with highly experienced practitioners, with a focus on improving GCSE results so that they are ready for the 2020 examinations and can approach them with confidence.

What our delegates said:

‘Excellent information given and guidance. Presentation gave out good uses of structure and how you can build upon choreography. Fantastic use of professional performers to show examples of dance motifs.’
RSA Academy

Interested in performing at this conference?

If you would like your students to participate in this conference, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Please email online@keynote.org.uk to register your interest.


  • A unique GCSE Dance conference with LIVE student and expert performances and first hand advice and guidance from highly experienced GCSE Dance trainers
  • An exciting out-of-school dance experience with full lighting and sound in a dynamic theatre setting
  • TOP ADVICE on how to get those crucial extra marks and fine tuning prior to examination and assessment
  • Proven strategies to help move up through the assessment criteria
  • Receive a conference pack containing information for revision and examination
 DATE AND LOCATION  London | Friday 05 February 2021
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Conference



10.30 – 10.50am
LIVE performance and introduction

Marylebone School Dance Company

  • Understanding how to get a high mark in Components 1 and 2
  • How every mark matters when aiming for your target level
  • Identifying your strengths and knowing which areas to focus on for improvement

10.50 – 11.40am

Component 1: LIVE STUDENT PERFORMANCE PLATFORM – preparing the duo/trio

  • Watch LIVE student performances of the duo/trio
  • What makes a good performer? How does this knowledge relate to the assessment criteria for GCSE Dance Component 1?
  • What makes a successful performance piece?
  • Examiner Advice: top advice on what the examiner is looking for to access the high grades?
  • ACTIVITY: Examples of student work on film: what has improved to take the performance up through the mark bands and what is required for full marks? Video examples/discussions of two group dances inspired by two different intentions

11.40 – 11.55am

11.55 – 12.25pm

Component 1: set phrases

  • Watch LIVE student performances of the set phrases
  • ACTIVITY: examples of filmed student performance – assessed demonstration of two finished variations of the same task – one successful and one less successful – how those marks stack up and have a go at being an examiner!
  • Answering questions about performance on the written paper

12.25 – 1.05pm: Lunch break 

1.05 – 2.05pm: Component 2: Succeeding in the written paper

  • Answering questions well in Section A – what are the examiners looking for?
  • Building 6 & 12 mark answers
  • ACTIVITY: Explore exemplars of excellent and not so excellent written responses on Section B 6 mark questions
  • Gaining Grades 7 to 9 on the Section C extended writing questions: – what answers on the 12 mark questions need to show for top marks
  • ACTIVITY: Marking exercise: be the examiner and see what they looking for in top grades

2.05 – 2:10 pm Afternoon break

2:10 – 3:10 pm
Component 1: Choreography

INTERACTIVE workshop.  All attending students will have the opportunity to select their chosen stimuli and then work in groups with students from other schools to discuss and share ideas

  • Responding to the tasks; ways of working with the different stimuli
  • creating responses to specific stimulus material and sharing ideas
  • Choosing and using accompaniment
  • how to create and develop the initial motifs from the stimulus
  • Using choreographic devices to good effect
  • Relating the criteria for assessment to the task

3.10 – 3.20 pm: Final TOP TIPS for success!

  • Getting ready for top marks
  • Critically assessing your own work: what do examiners really want to see?
  • Action Plan – what students should do after today

3.20 – 3.25 pm: LIVE student performance

Marylebone School Dance Company

3.25 pm: Conference closes

Kathryn Sexton

Kathryn has been teaching Dance in mixed state comprehensive schools for 25 years. She has been a Head of Dance in 3 schools and a Head of Performing Arts. She currently teaches KS3 – KS5 part-time in a school in the London Borough of Bromley. Kathryn is a Dance expert with examining experience as well as many years’ experience working with teachers to improve outcomes. From her regular and numerous visits into schools each year she has a wealth of knowledge and experience about the delivery of Dance, particularly at GCSE level. She is a highly experienced presenter for teacher training provision by one of the major examination boards, Keynote, Arts Pool and East London Dance. Kathryn is author of The Dance Teachers’ Survival Guide (Dance Books Ltd, 2004) and co-author of DansAthletic (East London Dance, 2008).

Yvette Jarvis

Experienced PE and Dance teacher for 23 years and currently Head of Department at a school in Newham. An experienced examiner who became a SLE in 2012 and has undertaken outreach work and delivered CPD sessions for Dance and PE for NQT’s, GCSE and trainee teachers.

Students £25+VAT

One free teacher place for every 10 student places
Additional teachers £35+VAT
Individual teachers £80+VAT