New for this academic year, we are pleased to offer our Spring and Summer 2022 History Courses & Webinars.  For this Summer and in light of all recent changes, we present an almost complete overhaul of courses, all newly created, all with up to the minute relevance and ranging across the following areas:

  • New – leadership of History courses
  • New – curriculum courses
  • New – courses focusing on challenging able students – AL and GCSE
  • New – courses for 1st time History teachers
  • New – focused professional development and nourishment for experienced History teachers in skills, advanced pedagogy for advanced History teaching
  • New – specific exam board courses, focusing on particular Papers

Leading the courses will be our expert History course leaders, expanded for Spring and Summer 2022 to cover the wider range of courses will are pleased to offer all History teachers, history lead teachers, Heads of Departments and Heads of Faculty.

Whether you are looking for pure pedagogical courses, professional career development courses, or courses focusing on aspects of content, or ability groups of students, there are courses that can offer this.

If you wanted to bring these, or another key aspect of current History teaching into your department, as online sessions or in-person,  we can offer this service, and can provide bespoke sessions to suit your priorities online.

Further Info:

Our courses are regularly revised and expanded to remain highly effective under guidance from current, specialist examiners. As a result, we support you in staying ahead of the curve.

All our courses can be offered as tailored in-school solutions. This option gives you the opportunity to customise a course specifically to your teacher’s or student’s needs. To discuss how we can customise a course for your teachers and students, ring our specialists on 01625 532 974.