AQA A -Level Biology: Outstanding A Level Biology Teaching


AQA A -Level Biology: Outstanding A Level Biology Teaching


London | Friday 17 June 2022

London | Tuesday 29 November 2022



This new course is designed for all teachers who wish to ensure all students maximise their potential in A level Biology. By providing a range of proven, effective advanced teaching techniques, reinvigorated approaches, the course aims to help teachers created outstanding teaching, learning and achievement success to raise the overall attainment of their classes.

Emphasis will be placed on the content students often struggle with and strategies to teach this more successfully, how to wrestle with the challenges of the synoptic nature of the courses and skills students need for successful exam performance.

At the heart of Lee’s course is the need for rigorous understanding of the topics covered in order to flexibly apply this knowledge to unfamiliar examination scenarios, and how this can be improved for students from different starting points.

This intensive new course will demonstrate how to guide your students to achieve their maximise possible grades in future AQA A Level Biology examinations. The course is designed for teachers of AQA A Level Biology, but would be of benefit to teachers of other exam boards.


  • Explore the key concepts in biology that underpin topic content to develop an integrated approach to biological study
  • Develop the use of retrieval practice to promote student recall, supporting the teaching of the most challenging A Level topics
  • Strategies and scaffolding to support student’s application of knowledge to novel contexts
  • New approaches for Biological writing, how to support students to write coherently using biological terminology correctly.
  • Take away fresh ideas, approaches and methods that challenge A/A* students and support their further development
  • Develop greater understanding of the precision and detail that examiners are looking for in A/A* students
  • Find out more about the barriers to progress and ways to support highly able students to overcome them

London | Friday 17 June 2022

London | Tuesday 29 November 2022

  • Heads of Science
  • Heads of Biology
  • Teachers of AQA A-level Biology
  • Teachers of other A Level Biology Exam Boards
  • A specially prepared folder of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance

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Biology, Science

Key Stage

A Level

Course Leader

John Medlicott

Job Title

Head of Department, Subject Teacher, G & T Coordinator, CPD Coordinator


Gifted & Talented