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AQA GCSE PE: Preparing Students for Exam Success in 2025 and Beyond

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This brand-new course for all teachers of AQA GCSE PE will explore how you can turn the mistakes made in previous exam series into an opportunity for positive change moving forward. Join AQA GCSE PE expert Jackie Brookes as she goes far beyond reviewing examiners’ feedback and carries out a focused and in-depth look at the exam papers to analyse areas of challenge as well as successes.

There will be opportunities to discuss the common mistakes made and ways to improve teaching methods to further support and challenge your students to achieve their best and raise grades in 2025 and beyond. Emphasis will be made on the demands of the exams and NEA that are not met as well as they could be, and the implications this has for your GCSE teaching and learning.


  • Understand the main lessons to be learnt from previous examinations
  • Tackle the challenges faced by students with exam technique
  • Embed appreciation of exam performance into effective teaching and learning
  • Maximise student performance in the written coursework
  • Discover strategies to improve outcomes in the 2025 exams


The Exam – Reflections and Approaches

10.00 – 10.40am
  • Feedback from the most recent exam: what is it essential to be aware of?
  • The main factors that affect examination success in papers 1 and 2 and the challenges experienced by candidates
  • How to engage students in the content of the course, and how to maximise their focus on what brings the most reward in examinations
  • Reflections on the most recent mark scheme and what this means moving forward
  • Starting to make a plan of action- what should we do? How should we do it?

A Focus on Paper 1

10.40 11.30am
  • Question level analysis
  • The challenging questions – where and why students struggled
  • Deep dive on the 6- and 9- marker performance
  • Marking exercise – model responses to emphasise effective exam technique


11.30 – 11.50am

Paper 2 Focus

11.50 – 12.40pm
  • Question level analysis
  • Analysing the challenging questions
  • How can students demonstrate understanding? – model responses to emphasise effective exam technique
  • Exploring the demands of 6- and 9-mark questions – how should students approach them?


12.40 – 1.40pm

NEA Feedback

1.40 – 2.30pm
  • What went well in the practical assessment?
  • Analysis and key learning from the Lead moderator report
  • Support learners through the moderation process
  • Key learning with the written coursework
  • Model examples of well written analysis and evaluation
  • Tackling the biggest mistakes made by centres?


2.30 – 2.40pm

Forward Planning for Exam Success in 2025

2.40 – 3.40pm
  • Embedding AOs in the lesson delivery
  • Skill based teaching
  • An effective coursework delivery model
  • Developing exam technique to boost attainment
  • Exciting ways to engage mixed ability students


London | Wednesday 03 July 2024
London | Wednesday 03 July 2024

This course, tailored to suit, can be delivered in your school. Discuss this further with our CPD team on 01625 532974 or click below to make an enquiry.


Jackie Brookes is an experienced teacher of 16 years, with 5 years working as an AST and as a lead practitioner focussing on whole school teaching and learning. Her results at all levels are consistently above the national average. She has taught all aspects of A Level and BTEC and specialises in active teaching and learning approaches and in physiology in which these engaging ideas allow students to grasp difficult concepts. She is fully involved in the examination and moderation process at GCSE, BTEC and A Level with both AQA and Pearson. She is proud of her work within schools nationally to support teachers and students with the demands of the AQA GCSE and A level qualification.


  • Teachers of AQA GCSE PE
  • Heads of Department
  • Academic leads for PE
  • Prospective or new teachers of AQA GCSE PE


  • A specially prepared folder of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance

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