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Brilliant KS3 drama teaching – Raising Attaining in Years – 7- 9 Drama

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This new course is designed for all teachers of KS3 Drama to reinvigorate their teaching of KS3 Drama. The course will focus on exploring the unique challenges and characteristics of a vibrant curriculum that fosters a passion for Drama among all students in their early secondary years.  The course also will provide a range of teaching ideas, methods and approaches for KS3 Drama which are designed to secure the best possible outcomes in KS3 to prepare pupils to flourish and excel at GCSE and beyond. With the recent increased focus on quality of teaching, learning and achievement at KS3, this course will also help Drama departments to look closely at their curriculum, reshaping, re-evaluating and rejuvenating to ensure a strong KS3 programme which effectively develops learners and builds knowledge and skills


  • Develop strategies for creating a rich, varied and engaging Key Stage 3 Drama curriculum
  • Gain an insight into issues surrounding sequencing your curriculum
  • Explore strategies to aid students’ knowledge and skill retention and ensure progress and achievement throughout the Key Stage
  • Explore strategies to develop students’ conceptual understanding throughout the Key Stage
  • Establish effective approaches to assessment and feedback to ensure progress
  • Carefully consider the pathways from core to examination Drama but also the reality that not all students will make that transition
  • Explore common challenges facing teachers at KS3
  • Achieve the right balance of breadth and depth in your KS3 programme


What makes a worthwhile Key Stage 3 Drama Curriculum?

10.00 – 10.50am
  • What constitutes a rich, engaging and stimulating KS3 Drama curriculum? What are the limits? What are the core essentials? How appropriate is your drama curriculum for your students?
  • Defining the range and balance of knowledge and skills needed at this level, and how this relationship underpin success at GCSE and beyond
  • What does student progress in KS3 Drama look like?


10.50 – 11.00am

Putting the Wow Factor into your Drama Lessons

11.00 – 12.30pm
  • Key essentials: the importance of creating the right relationships, rapport, atmosphere and ambience for students to succeed
  • What is the ‘Wow’ factor? And how best, with effective practical approaches to put this into your Drama lessons
  • Approaches to including diversity in your drama KS3/KS4 drama lessons
  • How we can help students get the dopamine download required to engage fully and take creative risks in their work



12.30 – 1.30pm

Effective Sequencing and Planning for your KS3 Curriculum

11.00 – 12.00pm
  • Selecting the best curriculum model for KS3
  • Planning brilliant sequences of learning for KS3
  • How to ensure good progress of skills and drama understanding?
  • How to successfully implement your KS3 curriculum to nurture imaginative and skilled learners ready for GCSE excellence
  • How does excellent evaluation and quality assurance support excellent learning & teaching at KS3?

Developing Positive Behaviour Attitudes and Skills in the Studio

2.30– 3.00pm
  • Setting the right conditions to inspire creative freedom in KS3 Drama
  • The importance of creating a thriving positive drama culture
  • Techniques and approaches to establish a high level of learning and attainment from the start
  • Importance of the start of the lesson and how to manage this
  • Importance of seating plans and organisation
  • Limiting the barriers to learning and distractors

Afternoon break

3.00 – 3.10pm

Getting Assessment at KS3 Right

3.10 – 3.40pm
  • Focus on assessment demands for KS3
  • Best practice methods to tracking, monitoring and measuring progress at KS3
  • Forensically analyse the data to create rapid student progress
  • How to create a system that works in your context
  • Feedback – best practice ways of giving feedback; what to say to students and how to say it





London | Friday 20 October 2023
London | Friday 19 January 2024

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London | Friday 20 October 2023
London | Friday 19 January 2024

This course, tailored to suit, can be delivered in your school. Discuss this further with our CPD team on 01625 532974 or click below to make an enquiry.


Nicola Stimler has been teaching Drama since 2002, working as Head of Department in a variety of schools from KS2 to KS5. Nicola is also a moderator for AQA, as well as leading/ mentoring other Teachers to help them deliver effective lessons. She has worked in challenging schools with behaviour issues and has revitalised Departments and  their way of working with pupils. Nicola has an excellent track  record for strong results at both GCSE and A-Level.


  • Head of Drama
  • Head of Performing Arts
  • Drama Teachers
  • Drama non-specialist Teachers
  • Teachers with responsibility for Drama extra curricular activities


  • A specially prepared folder of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance

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