Communicating Effectively with Parents


Communicating Effectively with Parents


London | Thursday 26 May 2022

London | Monday 04 July 2022



This new course, Communicating Effectively with Parents, is aimed at all school staff who communicate with parents as part of their role. This includes support staff and admin staff.

The course explores ways of positively and proactively building relationships with parents. The focus of the course is that, by taking time to cultivate two-way open communication, conflicts are less likely to occur. Where they do occur, there are understood processes for addressing them.

  • School-parent communication has been thrown into sharp relief by the Covid pandemic. In some cases, it strengthened the bond between school and home, as they faced similar challenges together. In others, division was created by differences of opinion in how the school managed Covid, the anxiety caused by it and the distress of illnesses and death. By rebuilding the school community with parental communication as its focus, the negative reactive impact of Covid can be turned into positive action.


  • The course will cover:
    • Why proactively building communication with parents is important.
    • The negative consequences of keeping parents at arm’s length.
    • Examples of effective school-parent communication strategies.
    • The purposes of communication with parents.
    • Phone communication.
    • Written communication.
    • Face-to-face communication.
    • Communication through formal documents such as permission forms, reading records, planners; behaviour reports.
    • Parents’ evenings: Do they work? In primary schools? In secondary schools?
    • Communicating with parents on difficult topics related to their child.
    • Managing conflict with parents.
    • Parent Communication Policy: A working document.
  • School staff will understand:
    • The benefits of building positive communication with parents, rather than defending themselves against potential conflict.
    • How to create a parent communication policy that is a working document.
    • The differences between different methods of communicating with parents.
    • How to manage conflict with parents.


  • Gain an understanding of the benefits of a proactive school approach to parental communication.
  • Appreciate the different strategies needed to communicate effectively with parents according to the medium.
  • Explore the impact of how the school communicates with parents on their children.
  • Understand the reasons for potential conflict with parents and how to manage them if they occur.
  • Take away a blueprint for developing a whole-school working parental communication policy.
COURSE DATES London | Thursday 26 May 2022

London | Monday 04 July 2022

  • Headteachers and members of senior leadership teams.
  • Heads of Year, Phase Leaders and Pastoral staff.
  • Mental health staff who liaise with parents, e.g., school counsellor.
  • Parent governor.
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead.
  • All school staff, including support staff, who communicate with parents.
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an in-school course
  • A specially prepared folder of 50+ pages full of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • CPD Certificate of attendance


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