This NEW and updated conference will provide students with a motivational informative and valuable revision day. The day is specially designed by current senior examiners, who will give expert advice, guidance, examples, focusing on the key points to maximise students’ exam achievements in summer 2020.


  • Boost your students’ performance in key areas
  • Hear from conference speakers who will inspire your students
  • Interactive, fast-paced day
  • Take home a full set of revision notes written by senior examiners
  • Be inspired by an impressive, motivational and valuable session
 DATE AND LOCATION  London | Thursday 6 February 2020
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Conference


10:25– 10:35am
Welcome and Introductions 

10.35– 10.55am
Staying current – Aspects of French-speaking society that go beyond the textbooks

Up to date information about Francophone countries within the A level overarching themes and covering les tendances sociales et la culture politique et artistique.

  • How best to showcase this knowledge and score highly on A04 in the speaking cards.

10:55– 11:35am
Listening and responding to spoken and textual passages

  • Listening for detail
  • Coping with summary tasks (separate guidance for each board)
  • Live practice activities
  • Dealing with different question types to make every mark count.

11.35 – 11.55pm

11:55– 12:45pm

  • Tackling translation: common pitfalls
  • Reinforcement of a range of lexis and complex forms to produce the strongest response
  • Marking exercise – students work in pairs to decide what differentiates responses
  • Clear messages, good English and accurate French

12.45- 1.30pm

1.30 – 1.40pm
Ask the experts

1:40 – 2:20 pm
What makes a great essay critical approaches to literature and film

  • Essay planning, structure and content
  • How to utilise the most important textual detail
  • What do exam boards mean by a ‘critical and analytical response’? Meeting the key challenges of the task
  • Student marking exercise on example responses

2.20 – 3.10

  • The Stimulus Cards : what’s good, what’s not, what gets the marks
  • Guidance for the Independent Research Project
  • Interaction (A01) and quality of language (A03) really matter too

Final top tips

  • Grade A/A* excellence in grammar
  • Grade A/A* excellence in essays
  • How to be consistently good across the papers

Tim Guilford

Tim is an experienced education professional who held the role of Deputy Head of a London School for a number of years until recently. He is currently working as a consultant and trainer providing professional development in teaching and learning for Modern Languages as well as leadership and management, coaching and mentoring, and revision skills workshops to students. Tim has significant experience as a senior examiner and as an Ofqual consultant for A Level, and is co-authoring the new Hodder IGCSE Spanish textbook.

Stuart Glover

Stuart is a renowned expert in GCSE and A Level French. He has been chief examiner for igcse French for 5 years, Principal moderator for GCSE French at AQA for 12 years, reviser, presenter, principal examiner for GCSE writing and lead examiner for fcse French. He has also examined at A Level for many years for the same awarding body.

He has written The Pearson Revise books and practice papers for AQA and Edexcel GCSE (new and old spec) as well as the OUP French text book for the new GCSE for AQA and have written the assessment materials for Studio French GCSE for Edexcel and AQA editions of the textbook as well as materials for online testing.

Stuart is currently teaching Years 12 and 13 part-time at an academy in Gloucester, after having been head of MFL in two secondary schools.

A-Level French