This NEW course will demonstrate how to guide your students to achieve their full potential in AQA A-Level History Depth Study examinations. Led by our highly respected and successful national presenter and senior examiner Keith Milne, the course will demonstrate teaching and learning ideas for Component 2 which will stretch and challenge across the ability range whilst examining exactly what drives all of the levels on the AQA mark scheme. The course will consider exactly what is being looked for in successful answers to Depth essays and how to teach your students to produce excellent answers to source questions.


  • Obtain teaching ideas and approaches from an expert examiner on how to make sure your students can succeed in all aspects of AQA History Component 2
  • Focused and clear guidance for teachers preparing students successfully for studying shorter, focused periods
  • A detailed look at the demands of question types across the depth paper and how to develop depth skills across a two year course
  • Take away effective, successful approaches for getting students in the highest grades on Paper 2
  • Gain the latest ideas for conveying the right amount of material for success in depth and the design of outstanding systems of internal assessment to develop key skills
  • Materials will be provided that will allow teachers to drive success through innovative and student-friendly ways that push all students
COURSE DATES Online | Wednesday 24 March 2021
Online | Thursday 10 June 2021
  • All teachers of A-Level AQA History Component 2
  • Heads of Department
  • Heads of Humanities
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Course
  • A specially prepared folder of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance


10.00 – 10.45am
Developing an outstanding, skills-based teaching programme for Component 2

  • Approaches for covering the Part One topics to meet the specific challenges of Depth head on
  • Covering content in-depth whilst introducing skills of historical depth: where and why students struggle in Component 2
  • Really using the Introduction to each Depth component to guide your teaching and student revision
  • Reinforcing skills through subject knowledge – where students should be on both elements by the end of Year 12
  • Key attributes of higher grades in a Depth study – what substantiated argument and judgment really means for AQA Component 2
  • Avoiding potential hazards: what can cost a student their grade on this paper

10.45 – 11.05am
Discussion: coffee break

11.05 – 12.30pm
Going beyond the chronology to outstanding assessment of value

  • Tackling source analysis in your teaching in a way that goes beyond comprehension
  • Analysing ‘relevant and meaningful own knowledge’ that is required to access the higher levels
  • Managing the jump from GCSE source skills: what can the new GCSE tell us about future student performance
  • Developing the key drivers of an assessment of ‘value’ with all A level students
  • The proven structure of a top quality response; shifting the focus away from accuracy and reliability
  • Explore practical examples proven to drive the highest marks in source evaluation

12.30 – 1.30pm
Lunch and informal discussion

1.30 – 1.50pm
Building on the skills and content for success in Year 13

  • Ways of delivering the three Part Two topics that really accelerate learning
  • Best practice approaches for recapping and linking to Part One

1.50 – 2.35pm
Integrating knowledge into argument for top marks in Depth essays

  • Integrating the demands of knowledge into an essay covering a short chronology
  • Designing internal assessment – when to expect the perfect essay and feeding back for success
  • Teaching approaches for using specific knowledge to support argument but not lose the bigger picture
  • Using the phraseology and skills intimated in the component overview to structure revision and knowledge
  • Stretching more able students to access the A and A* grades in essays on Component 2

2.35 – 2.50pm
Discussion: afternoon tea

2.50 – 3.35pm
Preparing students for AQA History Component 2 exams

  • Feedback from 2018 and 2019: the key common factors that link strong and weak performance and using that in your teaching of Component 2
  • Using knowledge of turning points – the adverbial trick and its impact on levels awarded
  • Analysing exemplar scripts to demonstrate the difference between grades
  • Communicating exam practice information to students highly effectively

Plenary discussion and depart

Keith Milne

Keith has over 25 years teaching and examining experience. He is a Senior Moderator with a major exam board and has authored and advised on a series of popular books including those detailing how to succeed with the NEA. He leads a number of courses exploring the routes to success at A Level History.

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