Students often find education policies one of the harder topics on Paper 1, and struggle to gain good marks when faced with exam questions in this area. This webinar is for teachers who wish to improve their own teaching of this topic and their student’s confidence in tackling exam questions. Part of our Becoming an Expert Classroom Practitioner stream of courses, David will lead an interactive webinar that on how to improve your own teaching and student performance using exam questions and practical classroom activities.

You will be provided with a PowerPoint of the session, exemplar answers, and some templates for activities to do with your students.


  • You will be given examples of practical examples of activities to do with students which will improve their knowledge of research methods and aid them in answering exam questions
  • You will be given strategies to ensure your students can write essays which cover the three assessment objectives to get into the top mark bands
  • You will gain knowledge of good exam technique in the shorter exam questions (4, 6 & 10 mark questions) in order to maximise overall marks
COURSE DATE Online | Monday 18 November 2021
  • Teachers of A level Psychology
  • Heads of Department
  • Heads of Social Science
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Course
  • A specially prepared folder of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance


10.00 – 10.15am
Welcome and Introduction

10.15 – 12.00pm
Practical classroom activities relating to Education policy

  • Reviewing challenging past exam questions on this topic, and dissecting them
  • Exploring activities to use to help students tackle these questions
  • Curriculum spacing for recall and revision?

12.00 – 1.00pm: Lunch and informal discussion

1.00 – 2.15pm
Tackling short exam questions

  • Teaching students strategies to maximise marks – Scaffolding for students, and frameworks to support e.g. PELE
  • Understanding the difficult 10 mark questions which require combining knowledge from more than one topic area
  • Feedback and student self-evaluation

2.15 – 3.15pm
Teaching students to write successful Educational policy essays

  • A look at past questions and how to answer them
  • Reviewing exemplar answers to see how to meet the Assessment Objectives
  • Tips on how to get students to unpick questions correctly
  • Guidance on planning and teaching time management

3.15 – 3.30pm

  • Overview of content

This course is led by an experienced teacher of twelve years and an examiner of nine years with four years’ experience as a Senior Examiner. He teaches at a sixth Form College recently graded as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, with Sociology one of the four subjects focused on during the inspection.