Combined Science  – Higher Tier,  Grade 7/8/9,  and Grade 4/5 boundary

Triple Science –  Higher Tier Grade 7/8/9 and Grade 4/5 boundary

About These Revision Sessions

These Science Student Revision sessions will give students the final edge and boost for their final preparations for the upcoming 2020 examinations.

They concentrate on the key points students need to be concentrating on to maximise their success in the exams – exam techniques & tactics, reinforcement of key essentials for the exam, what examiners expect to see, sample responses and, of course final revision tips.

Sessions can be focused to groups of Grades 7/8/9 students as well as groups of Grades 4/5 students as well as full cohorts of students. Contact us today at or call 01625 532974 to book these revision sessions.


  • Strengthen student’s understanding of key areas in the GCSE Science exams
  • Gain expert guidance from senior examiners on how to get high grades
  • Interactive exam related activities and workshops
  • All students receive a full set of conference notes, with examination tips and example answers to strengthen revision


The student revision sessions can be tailored to the needs of your students. Typical topics covered include:

  • Physics: Energy in the new curriculum (Unit 4.1), including energy calculations; Forces (Unit 4.5), including resolving vectors, levers and gears
  • Chemistry: Unit 4.1 | Balancing chemical equations; The periodic table – trends in Group 1 and 7; Unit 4.3 | Calculations involving masses, including mole calculations; Unit 4.10 including water and the Haber process
  • Biology: Unit 4.1 | Diffusion, osmosis and active transport; Unit 4.3 – Infection and response, including common infections and the immune system; Unit 4.4 – Respiration and photosynthesis, including graphical analysis of limiting factors to the rate of photosynthesis

Typical sessions can include:

  • A wealth of graphic organisers and highly visual mind maps to develop deeper understanding and based on Cognitive Load Theory principles
  • Detailed worked examples to build students’ confidence and develop their exam skills
  • Discussion of common misconceptions and typical wrong answers used to practice exam questions and understand what Examiners are looking for when marking exam papers
  • Exam questions practice to develop understanding of how to gain all marks, including practical skills questions, 6 mark questions and calculations
GCSE Science