Thursday 17 September 2020 – 4pm

CODE: 7960


Maximise marks in AQA A level Music by revising and practising the more difficult skills and terminology, developing strategies for extended response questions and deepening analytical understanding so that students can approach the exam paper with confidence.

Led by experienced senior examiner and teacher, Rachel Tustain, this new webinar will support students in bridging the gap from year 12 to Year 13, building on the skills from Year 12 ready for Year and give examiner practical advice and guidance on the key areas to focus on to maximise exam potential

The webinar is interactive, there will be  opportunities for students to ask questions throughout. There will also be course notes for the students.


Review and refine skills and knowledge necessary for success in all sections of the exam paper.

  • Confidently tackle extended response questions and essay questions, following expert guidance from an experienced teacher and examiner.
  • Practical strategies for retaining and applying knowledge and skills on the Section B analysis questions to access the upper mark bands.


4.00 – 4.05  pm Welcome and Introduction

4.05pm:  The foundation of success: musical terminology

  • Concise and precise – the importance of using musical vocabulary accurately – examples, key pointers, significant points
  • Bringing together contextual knowledge and aural skills
  • How to discuss specifically harmony, tonality and texture in music extracts
  • Common sources of confusion

4.20pm: Analysis of unfamiliar music             

  • Effective ways to structure your answers
  • Grade A/A* answers/examples
  • Keeping short responses concise but full of content
  • Maximising marks on the longer, ten mark, questions

4.30pm: Extended response questions

  • Ensuring you answer the actual question – what examiners are looking for
  • Examples to review of mid and high quality writing
  • How to write about music well and with authority – examples to make

4.45pm: Section C Essays                                                         

  • Deciphering essay questions; adapting knowledge to the question
  • Scaffolding and planning essays to access the highest marks –what really works
  • Examples to review
  • Strategies to retain knowledge for the optional Areas of Study




Rachel Tustain

Rachel is an experienced examiner and Leader of Music, with seventeen years teaching and leadership experience in a range of different schools. She is a Principal Examiner, Subject Adviser and has been involved with CPD for teachers for several years as well as involvement in writing the new music specifications.