Online | Tuesday 16th March 2021
Online | Monday 14th June 2021

Code: 8194


This webinar will focus on the key skills required to achieve high grades in A level Physics; in particular, communication skills, mathematical skills and practical skills. There is a special emphasis on the practical skills paper which students generally find challenging.  The webinar is interactive, there will be tasks, activities, work set, opportunities for students to ask questions throughout. There will also be course notes for the students produced by current examiners in A level Physics.


  • Provide a deepening of knowledge and skills required to succeed in the second year of  A level Physics studies
  • Experience a unique opportunity to hear from an experienced examiner in A level Physics
  • Gain top level advice and guidance on how to access the higher grades in examinations
  • Enhance your understanding of key areas of Physics, all linked directly to the exam papers
  • Take away a full set of conference notes, with examination tips and example answers



4.00 – 4.05pm:  Introduction:  Identifying the gap between under-attainers and high achievers

4.05 –4.20pm:    Developing communication skills and presenting responses to structured problem questions

  • How to develop technical vocabulary and to help produce grammatical and intelligible sentences
  • Developing techniques to write logical structured responses
  • Using worked examples to model your responses
  • Deconstructing mark schemes to help you present effective exam responses

4.20 –  4.45pm:   Practical work and mathematical core skills

  • Practical work to motivate and develop skills
  • Planning and reporting of practical work to improve communication and evaluation skills
  • Identifying the mathematical skills fundamental to progress in A-level Physics
  • Enhancing your basic numeracy and developing your algebraic and trigonometric skills

4.45 – 5.15pm The Practical skills paper

  • We will work through questions from a typical recent A level Physics practical skills paper
  • Examples are drawn from three different awarding bodies
  • Students spend assigned time working through each example and then we carry out a forensic review of the mark scheme for each one.

5.15 – 5.30 pm  Q & A session


Tony Dunn has taught for over 30 years in secondary schools and sixth form colleges, mainly in inner city areas, specialising in A-level Physics. He was Head of Science for 12 years and spent several years training Physics teachers in SE Asia. He has been an examiner for OCR A-level Physics for the past five years and developed CPD courses, webinars and student conferences for Keynote for over a year.