Thursday 22 April 2021 – 4pm

CODE: 8072


This BioPsychology Webinar is aimed at giving students back their confidence after a challenging few months, so that they can tackle one of the more challenging areas of the course with renewed enthusiasm and with advice on skills for tackling short answers and essay questions.


  • Students will gain strategies for tackling challenging questions, following expert guidance from Harriet Ennis – who has been a Head of Department for over 15 years, has insight into exam technique through being an external examiner.
  • Students will learn BioPsychology concepts from a teacher with a specialism in BioPsychology, who can provide guidance on how to avoid the common pitfalls.
  • Students will review trickier aspect of understanding using interactive activities during the webinar – including, synaptic excitation/inhibition, the split-brain procedures and localisation of brain function.
  • This webinar will aim students towards higher grades with a focus on how to apply their knowledge to exam questions, including essays with STEM application.


All students of A level Psychology


4.00 – 4.05pm Welcome and Introduction

4.05pm:  Tricky Concepts and Key studies

  • Synaptic excitation and inhibition – misconceptions checking activity with hinge questions
  • Split Brain Procedures – including an interactive quiz for students to take part in
  • Localisation of Function in the brain and tricky key studies – When is correlational evidence better than experimental evidence?

4.25pm: Tackle Short Answer Questions

  • How to successfully apply the concepts in short answer questions – scaffolding and modelling
  • Structure for success – metacognition for high impact learning and skill retention
  • Phrases you can use and reuse to avoid common pitfalls – how to apply evaluative language and precise terminology in practice

4.35pm: Essay Question Strategy             

  • Questions with a STEM that require application and discussion…you will have told your students about this, but they might just benefit from reinforcement from an outside source!
  • A winning formula for a successful essay that can be squeezed into 20 mins
  • Re-useable evaluation formats that can be used for almost any topic – COD and Eco Imps

4.55pm: Final tips and Questions

Harriet Ennis

The course is led by an experienced teacher who has been a Head of Psychology for over 15 years and is an external examiner.  She has experience of 10 years teaching master classes to students from 13 schools in her area, which are consistently rated as excellent by students and head teachers. Last year she was given an award for public engagement in psychology by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and has delivered a sell-out webinar for the York Festival of Ideas. She writes articles and blogs on psychology teaching and is also a chartered psychologist and associate fellow of the BPS (British Psychological Society).

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