Coaching and mentoring are powerful developmental tools in complex and high-pressure environments. This course will introduce participants to key practices and approaches to coaching and mentoring, with a practical and experiential focus on embedding those practices and approaches in the work place. Participants will leave the course with specific and transferable skills that they can deploy in a wide range of situations, be that formally through established mentoring/coaching relationships, or informally with staff they manage and/or with their peers.

  • Coaching vs mentoring: cross-over, difference and breadth of applicability
  • The value of formal coaching/mentoring structures for performance, development and progression
  • Establishing formal and/or informal structures aligned to existing developmental opportunities
  • Informal uses of coaching/mentoring skills in the work place and beyond
  • Coaching/mentoring theory as it applies to developmental learning
  • Key skill development including active listening, conversational models and question construction
  • Boundary management: steering clear of therapeutic engagement


Institutional benefits:

  • A more open and reflective workforce
  • Relieve pressure on management structures and relationships
  • Formalised career and personal development support
  • An effective way to communicate and confirm a school’s commitment to, and investment in, their staff

Individual benefits:

  • Protected time and space for staff to explore their development needs (when being coached/mentored)
  • Explicit skills development (for the coach/mentor)
  • Acquiring a ecognised transferable skill
  • Although this training will be of value to staff at all stages of their career, it will be most relevant for staff with management responsibilities, and those in leadership roles

  • A specially prepared folder of 50+ pages full of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance


Dr Kenton Lewis MBE

Dr Kenton Lewis MBE is an educational sociologist and an experienced manager, trainer and executive coach. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Kenton worked for 18 years in higher education administration, management, leadership and governance, with a particular focus on staff development (including executive coaching), stakeholder management, community engagement, organisational development, and research and evaluation. He has worked extensively in learner education transition, working closely with secondary and further education providers. Kenton has extensively researched constructions of identity and belonging of staff, students, and other key stakeholder groups (Doctorate in Education). He has won multiple national and international awards for educational innovation, including the Lord Mayor of London Dragon Award, two e-Learning Age Awards, and the Guardian Public Service Award. He was recognised in the 2014 New Year Honours with an MBE for services to education.

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