Wednesday 30 September 2020 – 4pm

Monday 30 November 2020 – 4pm

Code: 7997


This webinar will look at the ways that digital learning can help bridge the gap in student learning and achievement, and enable teachers and schools to be more effective in their expectations. The COVID-19 closure has left many schools needing to make up for lost time, strategise for the future, and thus highlighted the need for better digital learning.  This webinar will showcase how digital initiatives can contribute to better student engagement, assist in more effective work tracking, and promote better student progress.


  • Find out how Google Classroom works (basic operation and set up)
  • Learn how to use digital tools to improve student work
  • Examine a model of successful on-line provision
  • Take away specific resources which offer a host of strategies to promote digital learning.


  • All teachers of Classical Civilisation, and others interested in digital learning


4.00 pm
Welcome and sound check for all delegates

4:05-4:25 pm
Presentation on key principles of Google Classroom

4:25-4:40 pm
Discussion How to use digital tools to facilitate learning

4:40-4:50 pm
Presentation How digital learning worked in practise in an on-line classroom summer 2020.

4:50-5:05 pm
Summary  12 ideas for promoting digital learning – a collection of tips and ideas to save you time and also to engage your students!

Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson is an experienced examiner and Director of Humanities, with over 25 years teaching experience of both Classical Civilisation and History. He teaches around 80 A level Classical Civilisation students each year. He has a particular interest in innovative strategies for improving student performance, especially using a range of digital platforms.  He is the author of a number of Ted-Ed videos on Classical Civilisation, which have now been viewed over 5 million times.

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