Monday 10 May 2021

CODE: 8287


This webinar will cover the early essentials of A-level Chemistry starting from their roots in GCSE. The goal for this webinar is for students to feel confident in being able to fast-track their introduction to A-level Chemistry and have the foresight for upcoming topics that are an extension of material they have covered before at GCSE. Content from the course will be introduced with examples and links to prior knowledge will be made clear at all times. Topics covered will include: Chemical calculations, the essentials of covalent bonding and the importance of correct chemical formula. The webinar will also highlight study skills and opportunities for wider reading.


  • Students will be introduced to the early topics of A-level Chemistry and see how they are related to the topics covered in GCSE. This previewing of the course content will better prepare students for their in-class time and accelerate their transition from GCSE.
  • Select topics will then be expanded upon to give students the necessary skills to plan for their year ahead and approach further material with confidence.
  • Students will be equipped with the chemical formula and mathematical equations covered early in the A-level with examples of how the latter can be rehearsed ahead of their peers.
  • General scientific study skills such as precision and the importance of correct vocabulary will be emphasised throughout.
  • Students should leave the webinar feeling like they are equipped to tackle upcoming topics and empowered to approach more challenging material when the time comes.


  • Students starting out A-Level Chemistry


4.05 – 4.30pm Chemical Calculations

  • Calculating moles – ‘What you’re meant to remember and what’s new’
  • “Where can it all go wrong?” – keep an eye on those units!
    • Masses
    • Gases
    • Solutions
  • Giving your answer to the required precision – ‘Read the question carefully’
  • Familiar exam question formats and examples (OCR A) and how I use examiner reports.

4.30 – 4.45pm Covalent Bonding

  • Revisiting dot-and-cross diagrams – ‘What has changed?’
  • Presenting new challenges in covalent bonding:
    • Moving past the ‘octet rule’
    • Polar bonds and molecules – ‘what is a dipole?’
    • Types of covalent bond – some old, some new.
    • “… then what happens?” – preparing for the next level.

4.45 – 4.55pm Common Chemical Formula

  • Making rapid progress with Chemistry – exam skills and keeping pace by knowing your way around formula.
  • Familiar faces and vocabulary from GCSE – ‘what am I expected to know?’
  • New faces, new names and new challenges.
    • When will these come up?
    • Using roman numerals – a brief introduction.
    • A core list and how to go further.

4.55 – 5.00pm Closing comments and wider reading suggestions

Robert Murray

Robert has taught A-level Chemistry for 12 years at 2 large ‘outstanding’ sixth form colleges. He has been a curriculum leader in Chemistry for the last 9 years and has managed teaching both the AQA and OCR A A-level Chemistry specifications. Under his supervision, Rob’s classes have a robust track record of achievement above all national averages. Rob also has a strong online e-learning presence with a well-established YouTube channel of short tutorials which saw him nominated by his college for an SFC innovative teaching award in 2018.