Thursday 06 May 2021

Code: 8152


This webinar is for students in Year 12 who are embarking on a two-year A Level Spanish course. Without their final term of teaching and the experiences of the GCSE examination, students will benefit from clear instruction to help them refocus their efforts on the key skills and activities required for success at A Level Spanish. This webinar is suitable for students following all A Level Spanish syllabuses.


  • Learn new ways of acquiring and practising high-level vocabulary
  • Gain insight into the level of grammar required for A Level Spanish
  • Find out new ways to access listening material for individual practice
  • Learn how to research and describe Hispanic culture and society
  • Understand and be prepared for the challenges of the film and book study
  • Gain confidence in speaking Spanish


4.00 pm Welcome and sound check

4.05 pm: How much vocabulary do you need to know?

  • Building on GCSE vocabulary learning techniques and new ways to practise, learn and show off!
  • Activity: (easy) vocab test!

4.10 pm: Learning grammar for highly complex and sophisticated language

  • How to use grammar books and online resources

4.20 pm: Getting plenty of listening practice

  • What to listen to and how to listen!
  • Preparing for the listening summaries

4.30 pm: Cultural Knowledge and Understanding

  • Activity: Quiz (Kahoot)

4.40 pm: Making the most of speaking practice

  • The Spanish assistant is your friend!

4.45 pm: Preparing to study and film and book

  • What to expect in film and book lessons
  • Expressing personal reactions and response

4.55 pm: Thinking ahead to the IRP (Individual Research Project)

  • Using Year 12 to explore areas of interest in the Spanish-speaking world
  • Online resources and useful apps
  • Netflix

Georgina Irvine

Georgina Irvine is a highly experienced and successful A Level Spanish teacher and examiner.

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