DATES: Tuesday 26 November 2019 4pm (1hr)
Tuesday 25 February 2020 4pm (1hr)

CODE: 7704


Maths skills are 10% of the written exam papers, hence it essential that students have a confident and clear understanding of the key maths requirements. This webinar will provide your students with required Maths and Statistical Skill boost for their exam preparation, with this focused one-hour webinar on A Level Biology.

This webinar includes a set of examples which will be sent in advance for teachers to use with their students and which students will be able to use after the webinar to improve their exam revision.


This interactive webinar will provide your students with:

  • Ideas for how to utilise their Maths skills for high marks
  • A particular focus on the all the Maths skills in the written exams
  • Explanation on how to maths skills are linked in with the biological context
  • Focus on the different statistical tests and what examiners expect on them for A level Biology


  • All students taking A-level Biology
  • This webinar will be of benefit to students studying with other awarding bodies


Introduction, welcome and sound check

What maths skills are tested and how

  • Focus on the different areas of maths tested in biological context
  • How to select equations to gain key marks
  • Carrying out two or more step calculations well
  • What the examiners are looking for – and what to avoid

Focus on how the maths skills are linked in biological context

  • Activity – explore a range of worked examples to identify different types of maths calculation in exam questions
  • What to look out for when answering questions

Focus of key Statistical tests in Biology.

  • Examine students’ T-tests using worked examples
  • Rank Correlation Test – working through the test with exam questions
  • Working through the Chi- Squared test with comparison to p = value

End of Webinar

Dr Harjit K Singh

Dr Harjit K Singh is a highly-experienced teacher and examiner. She has taught AS/A2 Biology for over 26 years, IB Biology for 8 years as well as BTEC Applied Science. She has a wealth of experience as an examiner in AS/A2 Biology and in IB specifications. She is a published author of the Key Skills and Knowledge Booster Biology resources as well as co-author of Key Skills and Knowledge Booster BTEC Science Applied and Vocational courses. Harjit has presented many CPD courses for teachers as well as biology student revision conferences and online student web revision courses. She is also involved in presenting international IB student revision courses.