Thursday 24 June 2021            

CODE: 8220


This History Webinar is aimed at giving students back their confidence after a challenging few months, so that they can tackle one of the more challenging areas of the course with renewed enthusiasm and with advice on skills for tackling AO1 essay questions.


  • Students will gain strategies for tackling AO1 questions, following expert guidance from Dr Robin Bunce – a teacher, and writer who has insight into exam technique through being an examiner for 16 years.
  • Students will learn historical concepts from a teacher with a specialism in A Level History, who can provide guidance on how to avoid common exam pitfalls.
  • Students will review trickier aspects of history using interactive activities during the webinar – including, concepts such as political competition, economic success, and consensus politics.
  • This webinar will help students understand how to apply their knowledge in AO1 exam questions, in order to get higher grades.


4.00 – 4.05pm Welcome and Introduction

4.05pm:  Tricky Concepts and Key periods: Politics

  • Focusing on the concepts of political competition and consensus, this section looks at how to avoid common misconceptions, and how to handle key concepts in exam questions
  • Students will refresh their knowledge of political transformation in Britain 1917-1985 through an interactive quiz
  • Whose who in British Politics, this section helps students understand the significance of key British politicians

4.25 pm: Tackle AO1 Questions – Essential techniques

  • Question spotting, students will participate in an interactive activity to help them get to the heart of the question
  • How to successfully apply the concepts in AO1 question – students will be led through the principles of scaffolding and modelling
  • Finally, students will look at phrases they can use and reuse to avoid common pitfalls, including how to apply evaluative and explanatory language to access the higher levels

4:50 pm: Tricky Concepts and Key periods: Economics

  • Economic success and Economic challenge– how to spot and address the key economic concepts in AO1 Exam questions
  • The challenges of the British economy – students will review the key periods of economic policy in order to understand their significance

5:15: Tackle AO1 Questions – Advanced techniques

  • Questions and Criteria – an interactive activity to help students understand how to select criteria appropriate for different questions
  • How to structure an answer to support your judgement – scaffolding and modelling
  • Substantiate your judgements – essential tips on how to structure conclusions in order to reach supported judgements.

Course ends at 5:30

Dr Robin Bunce

The course is led by an experienced teacher who was Team Leader for A Level history for many years and has 16 year’s experience working as an examiner.  He has been teaching master classes to students for 6 years across the country, which are consistently rated as excellent by students and teachers. Dr Robin Bunce edits the popular My Revision Notes series for Hodder, as well as their History+ series. He was one of a number of historians who contributed to the award winning Our Migration Story schools history resource.