This webinar is designed to consolidate your learning of the Grade 7-9 topics before you sit your exam in later in the month. The skills and topics needed to be fluent in to achieve a Grade 7-9 will be modelled and explained, with a particular focus on the most challenging topics and how to succeed in them. You will be led through topics and skills commonly associated with a Grade 7-9 in maths, as well as having exactly why and where you would gain marks in the exam. There will be activities during the webinar for independent learning as well as being introduced to how to approach the problem solving style questions.


  • Gain a greater understanding of the topics and skills required to achieve Grades 7-9 in Maths
  • Understand where and how you can gain marks in the exam explained to you by an Edexcel GCSE Maths examiner
  • Improving your approach to the new problem solving type questions within your GCSE Maths exam
  • You will be provided with a copy of the materials used as well as a copy of materials similar to those used in the course to attempt independently
  • Begin to understand what may be expected of you in A Level Maths


  • All students who are aiming for a grades 7-9 in their upcoming Edexcel Maths GCSE
  • This webinar is suitable for students studying with other awarding bodies

Dean Courtney

Dean is the Assistant Faculty Leader of Mathematics with a focus on curriculum and numeracy. He is an examiner with a major awarding body and a teacher of both A Level maths and A Level Further. He teaches GCSE Mathematics to both foundation and higher tiers with success. He is also assistant curriculum leader for KS5 Mathematics, at his school and is noted for improving results with students who have previously struggled for various reasons.

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