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The course will provide tips and strategies to help students understand and respond to all the questions on the Edexcel GCSE History exam papers. These will include ideas for class and revision activities and techniques for tackling exam questions at different levels.

Teachers will gain detailed information from a highly experienced former chief examiner who specialises in helping students prepare for history examinations


  • Deepen your understanding of the key demands in the exam
  • Take away specific guidance on how best to prepare your students for examination
  • Gain effective teaching approaches and strategies to support students in the more challenging areas of the course
  • Gain expert advice and practical strategies on how to maximise the achievements levels for all students


4.00 – 4.05pm: Welcome and Introduction

4.05 – 4.50pm:

The Structure of Edexcel GCSE History: marks, levels and grades

  • Level profiles and grade profiles; what qualities do students need to display at each level and grades 5, 8 and 9
  1. Teaching the Thematic Study: how to cover the content and the concepts
  • Change and continuity; how to enable students to get a clear understanding of the Thematic Study
  • Contrasting the end with the beginning; identifying key turning points

3: Questions on own knowledge for 4, 12 and 16 marks

  • How to reach Levels 3 and 4 across all three papers

4.50 – 5.30pm:

4: The Period Study: why do these questions create difficulties? How to deal with them?

  • The consequence and account questions; how to help students produce top quality answers

5: The Modern Study: using sources proactively to create an over-view

  • Sources are not just there for questions on the exam papers; how to use sources for revision and to gain an overview of units
  • How to help students to incorporating own knowledge using sources
  • Developing students’ understanding so they start to see the course in context

6: Dealing with the interpretations question

  • Infer a penny, infer a pound; exercises to help students tackle the interpretations questions effectively


Malcolm Chandler

Malcolm Chandler taught history in comprehensive schools for many years. He was Chief Examiner and Principal Moderator for GCSE History for twenty years. He has run many courses for teachers since 2001 and believes strongly that students should be more involved in their studies. He has worked with students in more than 200 schools helping them to prepare for GCSE and  A Level.