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This 60 minute webinar  is designed for all AQA A Level Spanish  students who are looking for that final extra reinforcement and boost, prior to exams, with key advice, techniques and tips from a current A level Spanish examiner on accessing the top marks in Paper 3.

The interactive webinar will reinforce knowledge with your students of how to effectively prepare for the stimulus card section, with revision and planning techniques and those key techniques and tips vital for ensuring examination success.   We will also look at effectively preparing for the IRP whilst considering the level of language required to achieve in the top bands.


  • Reinforce knowledge, confidence and clear, effective guidance  from an A level Spanish examiner on how to access those higher grades
  • Access final preparation exam technique tips to support you in the exam
  • Techniques and tips  of how to manage your time with planning, preparing and completing stimulus cards
  • Gain effective strategies for planning, preparing and delivering your IRP
  • A set of revision resources


  • All students of AQA A-level Spanish


4.00pm – Introduction, welcome and sound check

4.05 pm – IRP: are you ready to deliver? 

  • Preparing for the exam: presentation techniques
  • Filling in the Candidate Record Form – deciding your subheadings
  • Effective research techniques
  • Revision, planning and preparation strategies
  • Maximising marks for AO3 and AO4

4.20pm – Mark scheme

  • Understanding the mark scheme for the IRP presentation and identify what needs to be included in your presentation
  • Understanding how to maximise marks during the IRP discussion to be successful

4.30pm – Activity

  • Hear an example IRP
  • Identify good features and ideas to transfer into your own IRP

Stimulus card 

  • Choosing the card
  • Making the most of the preparation time and the stimulus card information
  • Asking two questions
  • Developing ideas and incorporating complex language into your answers
  • Know what sorts of questions to expect on each Theme
  • Structuring your revision

4.50pm – Activity

  • Analysing example stimulus card responses at different grades
  • Practice stimulus card task

Samantha Broom

Samantha is a current examiner with a leading examination board. She is an experienced teacher of Spanish and French with extensive experience as Head of Department and excellent results . She specialises in teaching Spanish at both GCSE and A Level and has been involved in authoring resources for both Nelson Thornes (OUP) and Pearson. Samantha has worked in both state and independent schools and she is an experienced presenter with a passion for using the target language in the classroom, as well as using technology to enhance teaching and learning.

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