DATE: Tuesday 5 May 2020 4pm (1hr)


This webinar will provide your students with the opportunity to revisit challenging topics in organic chemistry. Following a brief consideration of condensation polymers, we look at amino acids and chirality. Evidence for the structure and bonding of benzene is next and then we move to NMR analysis and tackle a ‘levels of response’ question involving data from NMR and mass spectrometry to solve a crime scene mystery.

The session will involve active participation, with several activities designed for paired or individual work, using an interactive set of notes which students will be able to refer to after the webinar to improve their exam revision.


  • Develop understanding of the challenging topics in organic chemistry
  • Gain insights into what an examiner is looking for when answering a question about the chirality of amino acids
  • Consider evidence for the structure and bonding in benzene and use this to understand why it reacts with an electrophilic substitution mechanism
  • Understand NMR spectra and combine this with mass spectrometry data to suggest the structure of a compound in a ‘levels of response’ question


  • All students of A level Chemistry


Introduction, welcome and sound check

Polymers, polyamides and amino acids

  • Activities to revise organic structures, terminology and reactions

Marking exercise

  • Students mark three candidate answers based on the optical isomerism of amino acids

The structure and bonding in benzene

  • Students use data to evidence the structure of benzene and how it reacts with electrophiles

Understanding NMR spectra

  • Activities to consolidate understanding of NMR spectra and combine this with mass spectrometry data
  • How to answer a ‘levels of response’ question for top marks

Conor Stone

Conor Stone has worked in Sixth Form colleges for over 17 years as Head of Department, STEM Coach and Performance Coach. Conor is Subject Leader in Education (SLE) and currently works in a sixth form college graded outstanding in all areas, where his results year-on-year are outstanding.