Tuesday 23 March 2021 – 4pm

Code: 7872


Ensure your students are prepared as well as possible on the Issues and Debates topic for their exam preparation with this focused one-hour webinar on AQA A Level Psychology Paper 3.

Boost student confidence and understanding of how to reach the top levels in Psychology.

This interactive webinar will provide your students with:

A focus on key areas of issues & debates topics, including:

  • Idiographic & nomothetic approaches
  • Free will & determinism
  • How to select and use research evidence to gain AO3 credit
  • Building detail into AO1 responses to maximize marks gained


All students of AQA GCSE Psychology

Benefits of this Webinar

  • Gain an understanding of key areas of the Paper 3 issues & debates topic
  • Focus on content essential to the formation of top-level answers
  • Focus on pitfalls to avoid
  • Learn strategies to create answers giving access to top-band marks
  • Obtain a set of useful revision resources, sent to you in advance, to assist your study of these topics before and after the webinar takes place


4.00pm – Introduction, welcome and sound check

4.05pm – Issues and debates: dealing with the key topic area

  • Idiographic versus nomothetic debate; defining the key points
  • How the different psychological approaches relate to the idiographic versus nomothetic debate

4.20pm – How to select and use research evidence to access top-band marks

  • Selecting the right research evidence for the right question
  • What examiners want to see – and not see – when using research evidence in exam answers

4.30pm – Student Activity: examining answers on research evidence

  • Feedback on student responses – why did they get each mark?

4.35 pm – Issues & debates:  Focus on key topic areas

  • Free will versus determinism; defining the key points
  • Free will and determinism within the different psychological approaches

4.50 pm  – Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas

  • Building detail into responses that require knowledge and understanding

4.55pm – Student Activity 

  • Assessing the quality of student responses: what can you learn from these?

Jean-Marc Lawton

Jean-Marc is an experienced A-level examiner, lecturer and teacher of psychology and has written many highly regarded books on the subject. He has also worked in a senior capacity for several exam boards and has a wealth of experience and advice to give to teachers and students of the subject.