We are pleased to offer this new study and revision skills, adaptable and flexible course for all GCSE teachers supporting their students in the run up to the final study skills, revision and run up to the exam itself.

The course will focus on high expectations including aspiring to achieve top grades, tactics and methods for students to boost grades, top tips for memory retrieval, attacking the exam questions, effective study techniques for GCSE and strategies to motivate students in the final run up to exams.

This course is flexible and can be tailored for your students. The course is an absolute must for all Year 11 students preparing for exams and would also benefit your year 10 students.


  • Your students will gain methods, approaches and strategies for study and revision skills to ensure student success.,
  • Take away methods to inspire students to aim for top grades.
  • Take away pragmatic approaches to study.
  • Get motivated with top GCSE strategies.
  • Explore ways to attack the exam questions
  • Run up to the exam: good habits.
  • On the day- remembering to not panic!
 DATE AND LOCATION London | 18th February 2022
  • Students in year 11
  • Students in year 10
  • Teachers preparing GCSE Students
  • Those with responsibility for GCSE performance
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Conference


10-10.30am: Session One – High expectations: aspiring to achieve top grades.

  • Inspiring students to aim for and access the top grades.
  • Improving grades for GCSE students in exam performance.
  • Ensuring high expectations are at the core of study skills


10.30-11am: Session two: tactics and methods for students to boost grades.

  • Effective study techniques for GCSE strategies for GCSE
  • Strategies to motivate GCSE students.
  • Forming good study habits.
  • The importance of organisation and planning to avoid stress and pressure
  • Flash cards- techniques on how to use these more effectively to unlock learning.
  • The chunking technique to revisit information successfully in the development of knowledge.
  • The interleaving technique to help revisit information successfully in the development of a high impact revision timetable.

11.-11.20am: Break


11.20-12.20pm: Session three:  Top tips for memory and retrieval skills.

  • Ask, explain and connect – elaboration of ideas through mind maps
  • No cramming – spaced practice to embed real knowledge
  • Switch – interleaving topics for building skills and knowledge
  • Words & Visuals – dual coding for consolidation.
  • Examples – concrete relevant examples
  • Recall what you know – retrieval practice test


12.20-1.20pm: Lunch


1.20-2.10pm: Session four: Attacking the questions

  • Techniques to recall content and ways to appropriately apply to examination questions
  • Dissecting examination questions- what the examiner’s vocabulary really means
  • Understanding the command words and how the connotations of these change what the question is asking in different curriculum areas.

2.10- 2.45pm: Session Five stress The run up to the exams: Good habits:  Alleviating exam stress.

  • Positive thinking: a Can do attitude in relation to the exams.
  • Action planning for success – formulating a realistic revision plan and sticking to it.
  • Remembering that everyone is different- avoiding unhelpful comparisons to peers.
  • Keeping it in perspective- evaluating how far the students have come and how to remain motivated towards the end.
  • Developing excellent study habits in your students- thinking about when is best to learn for each student.
  • Empowering your students to be more independent when it comes to reflection.


2.45pm-3.10pm: Session six: The day of the exam:  dealing with pressure and stress

  • Embedding strategies to maintain a sense of calm- effective breathing techniques.
  • Scan the questions and prioritise areas of strength as a starting point.
  • Instilling the need for brief plans as a method to focus
  • Remember not to panic!

3.10-3.20pm: Any Questions?

Students £25+VAT

One free teacher place for every 10 student places
Additional teachers £35+VAT
Individual teachers £80+VAT

Rosie Hussain

Rosie Hussain is a skilled practitioner and current examiner for a leading exam board. She has experience in teaching and leadership, including leading on raising achievement through varied and engaging revision methods. She is a current Head of an outstanding department in an FE setting and has a particular interest in strategies to improve metacognition and self-regulation within pupils in order to enhance student outcomes.