This is arguably most challenging area of the GCSE PE specification and one in which students have struggled in the examinations. Join AQA expert Jackie, as she demonstrates teaching approaches which will ensure your students will understand this area of the specification with confidence and produce arguments in their examinations which reach the highest levels of the mark scheme, especially on the key areas of AO2 and AO3.


  • Gain teaching strategies for subject content 6: Social-cultural influences
  • Bring these influences alive in the classroom to secure AO2
  • Take away ideas to develop AO2
  • Framework for answering effective AO3 questions with this topic area?


Introduction, welcome and sound check

Engagement patterns – Bring alive in the classroom

  • Why are students struggling with this topic
  • Quick methods to engage students and help them retain the information

Commercialisation, Sponsorship and Technology

  • Key factors for AO1
  • Framework for AO2 – The command words!
  • Justify the impact of ………. What makes an effective AO3 student response?


  • Analysing short answer student responses

Ethical and social cultural issues

  • Scaffold learning for a 6-mark question – The power of evaluate
  • How this changes for 9-mark questions? Strategies to access level 4.
  • Strategies to address a synoptic question


  • Reviewing a 9 mark synoptic response

Jackie Brookes

Jackie is an experienced teacher of 16 years, with 5 years working as an AST and as a lead practitioner focussing on whole school teaching and learning. Her results at all levels are consistently above National average. She specialises in active teaching and learning approaches. Jackie has taught all aspects of A Level and BTEC and specialises in physiology whereby these engaging ideas allow students to grasp difficult concepts. She is fully involved in the examination process at GCSE, BTEC and A Level with both AQA and Pearson and has been an integral part of virtual resource building for the developing PE resource mypeexam.org