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We will look at lessons learned from the most recent A level exams with a view to avoiding pitfalls that have prevented outstanding results.

This webinar will provide an opportunity to develop knowledge, application and evaluation within key topics from the specification. The underlying theme of this webinar will be a targeted focus on concrete examples and unique strategies to remember and apply challenging topics to a variety of exam questions / assessment objectives. The focus will be on learning lessons from where students performed well and not so well to ensure better results in the future. As part of the webinar we will analyse the 2019 exams paper by paper and we will also practice marking exercises using real candidates’ scripts from 2019 to understand what the examiners are looking for in 2020.


    • Understand where candidates did well and not so well from the summer exams
    • Gain exceptional understanding of the main areas for development across all 3 papers
    • Obtain top level strategies for producing excellent answers to the AO2 application questions
    • Focus on what makes top mark band evaluation and pitfalls to avoid
    • Best practice revision tips and guidance from a Pearson Edexcel expert
    • A set of revision resources that will be sent in advance of the course that you will be able to use immediately to support your independent studies


Introduction, welcome and sound check

Main lessons learned from the 2019 exams

  • Topics that were answered well and areas for development
  • Interpreting and analysing mark schemes to sample student answers

4.20 pm
The extended essays across all 3 papers 

  • Getting the E.A.T. (Evaluate /Assess /To what extent) questions right
  • Determine the difference between bands using real exam scripts


Model answers and marking exercise with feedback

Foundations and Applications of Psychology

  • 8 markers: Any improvements or the usual pitfall?
  • How candidates fared with timing and the first 20 marker


Model answers and marking exercise with feedback

Ali Abbas

Ali is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors (FCIEA) and has recently had his textbook published by Hodder. He was a Principal Examiner with 13 years experience in writing Psychology exam papers and awarding grades for a major exam board. Ali is a regular speaker at Educational Conferences and has been providing INSET to schools and colleges nationally since 2003.

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