Session 1: Looking at the A Level through the lens of Grammar and Language-Learning to pull all aspects of the course into perspective.


This is Session 1 of a series of 2 webinars. The course offers an overview of nuts and bolts teaching and learning at A Level. It highlights priorities, informed by the examination endgame, for planning and classroom practice, drilling down to lesson level activities and approaches. It gives insights into how experienced teachers use their knowledge of how different areas of the course can reinforce each other efficiently, bringing overall coherence to the teaching of grammar, cultural content, communication and sophistication of language.

It is suitable for anyone just starting to teach, in the first years of teaching A Level, or wanting to enhance their confidence in their teaching of A Level Spanish. The main focus will be on the AQA specification, with ideas transferable to other exam boards.

Can be bought with Teaching A Level Spanish Effectively 2: Insights and Focused Approaches webinar for £200.


  • Provide teachers of A Level Spanish with ideas and confidence to teach different components of the course effectively.
  • Understand the implications of teaching classes of different sizes and students with differing levels of Spanish.
  • Enhance their confidence in planning and teaching lessons which can efficiently pull together different aspects of the course.
  • Gain insight into how cultural content and language-learning interact in lessons and in the exam requirements.
  • This particular session will focus on grammar and explicit learning of the language, giving coherence to teaching and learning in the course as a whole.
DATES & LOCATION Online | Tuesday 08 June 2021
  • NQTs in Spanish.
  • Teachers aiming to teach A Level in the future or who have just started teaching A Level for the first time.
  • Teachers who want to enhance their confidence in teaching A Level.
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance


16.00 Welcome and Introduction to A Level teaching.

A look at the array of things A Level teaching can mean and the challenges it presents:

class size, student level, course components, language-learning approaches, expectations. What are you being asked to take on and where to start?

16.15 All Grammar is important but some Grammar is more important than other Grammar:

16.15 Can Grammar points be “covered” and ticked off on a plan?

  1. 20 What do pupils need when they move up from GCSE?

16.30 What about native speakers?

16.35 What Grammar fits well with specific A Level topics?

16.45 What Grammar features turn out to be required to perform the requirements of different components of the exam?

16.55 What is the balance between accuracy and sophistication?

17.10 What should we be requiring students to do independently?

17.15 – 17.30 Time for questions and discussion.


Vincent Everett

Vincent has over 25 years’ experience of teaching A Level Spanish. He is a teacher and writer, including the OUP A Level Spanish Grammar and Translation Workbook. He is well-known as a speaker at conferences and workshops for the Association for Language Learning and he tweets as @veverettmfl . He has ideas and advice to share, but he also prefers to make webinars an opportunity for teachers to participate, contribute and network.