Thursday 22 April 2021 – 4pm
Monday 28 June 2021 – 4pm

Code: 8161

Session 1: The nuts and bolts of teaching GCSE Spanish


ABOUT THIS COURSE:  This is Session 1 of a series of 2 webinars.

This fully interactive webinar is intended to provide teachers with practical strategies backed up by research and many years spent in the classroom as Advanced Skills Teacher and Head of Department. It is suitable  for anyone just starting to teach or in the first years of teaching GCSE Spanish  as well as those wanting to keep up-do-date with all the recent developments in the area of teaching examination classes.

In this session we will

-look at the examination requirements.

-examine transition activities to support GCSE teaching.

– evaluate methods to prepare pupils for examinations in the four key areas.

This course can be purchased as a series of 2 with the other webinar for £200, or as a standalone of £110.


  • To provide teachers of GCSE Spanish with ideas and confidence to teach Spanish GCSE curriculum.
  • To give teachers ideas of effective transition activities.
  • To develop pupil’s skills in the four key areas of the language.
  • To take away practical tips for ongoing assessment throughout the examination course.
  • To create a stimulating and well-being focused classroom environment online and at school that encourages achievement.


  • NQTs in Spanish.
  • Teachers aiming to teach GCSE Spanish in the future or who have just started teaching for the first time.
  • Teachers who want to enhance their confidence in teaching GCSE Spanish


Break down of session 1 – 4/5 sections

16.00 Welcome and Introduction to Spanish GCSE teaching.

16:10-16:20 Examination requirements

  • pitching your teaching correctly
  • where are the common pitfalls

16:20 – 16:40 Supporting transition 

  • ideas and strategies to ensure a successful first term
  • assessing student starting points

16:40 – 17:00 Developing Listening and Reading skills

  • key ideas and top tips
  • what is the focus/main challenge to overcome

17:00 – 17:30 Developing Speaking and Writing skills

  • how to encourage confidence
  • see above

17:30 end

Room for Q & A/discussion?

Maria O’Neill

Maria O’Neill spent 20 years of teaching Modern Foreign Languages abroad and in the UK. During her career she led Spanish and MFL Departments both in state and independent schools teaching pupils of various ages and abilities. For her commitment to excellence in teaching and learning and outstanding results, she was awarded the status of Advanced Skills teacher which allowed her to make further difference to MFL learners in the LEA through working with Heads of schools, delivering teacher training and contributing to sustainable and innovative MFL curriculum which she presented during DfE learning visits. She is now in the final year of studying for a PhD, teaching and sharing her knowledge and experience via training sessions.