DATE: Thursday 30 April 2020 4pm (1hr)


Provide your students with a final boost on the key topics that have lacked exam coverage in 2018 and 2019 exam series, with this focused one-hour webinar on OCR A Level Physical Education Paper 1.

This webinar will provide an opportunity to develop knowledge, application and evaluation within key topics from the specification. The underlying theme of this webinar will be a targeted focus on concrete examples and unique strategies to remember and apply challenging topics such as adaptations to aerobic, strength and flexibility training to a variety of exam questions / assessment objectives. The aerobic energy system and neural control will be used as a threshold concepts by which students can synoptically interleave topics within aerobic physiology such as aerobic training, periodisation. ergogenic aids and lifestyle disease to allow access to the higher bands of the mark scheme. Complex, unexamined biomechanical topics such as the Magnus effect and Bernoulli principle will also be covered using an efficient, simplistic approach.


  • Gain outstanding knowledge of the most challenging/unexamined areas from the Physiological Factors paper
  • Receive innovative memory strategies to enhance recall
  • Obtain a detailed understanding of what examiners will be looking for
  • Access potential linked topics for the synoptic 20 mark question
  • A set of revision resources that will be sent in advance of the course
  • Take away follow up screencast links to aid revision post webinar


Reacting to 2019 exam series feedback

Memorisation and exam technique for adaptations to aerobic, flexibility and strength training

Aerobic pathway

Synoptic approach linking aerobic energy systems, aerobic training/adaptations and ergogenic aids

Neural control/Lifestyle and disease pathway

Linking neural control of the cardiac, vascular and respiratory systems to cardiovascular and respiratory lifestyle disease

Bernoulli principle and magnus effect

Question and answer


  • All students of OCR A-level PE

Wes Davies

Wes has been teaching and achieving consistently outstanding outcomes in A level PE for 12 years. Such was the success of these outcomes, he was nominated and shortlisted for the Times Educational Supplement (TES) UK Teacher of the Year award 2017/2018. He is currently head of academic PE and a teaching and learning coordinator at Worcester Sixth Form College. Wes delivers CPD and revision sessions in his own college, local authority and at institutions around the country. He is an enthusiastic presenter who places a big emphasis on memory strategies. He is currently working as an examiner for a major awarding body.

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