Physical Education

Our Physical Education provision holds a special place of pride for the Keynote family. We have some of the most recognisable names in the field creating dynamic contemporary courses addressing both perennial and emerging areas of challenge.

To match the ever increasing demand for quality CPD in this subject area we have doubled the amount of new courses for the 2022 academic year. The amount of unique diverse courses is striking and no two are the same, “creative approaches to linear written papers”, “maximising the performance of all students”, “brilliant A-level teaching” and “leading an exceptional department” to name but a few.

No matter how specific a need, when it comes to Physical Education CPD we’re certain we have the course for you.

Further Info:

Our courses are regularly revised and expanded to remain highly effective under guidance from current, specialist examiners. As a result, we support you in staying ahead of the curve.

All our courses can be offered as tailored in-school solutions. This option gives you the opportunity to customise a course specifically to your teacher’s or student’s needs. To discuss how we can customise a course for your teachers and students, ring our specialists on 01625 532 974.